I Launched a Business Course for Influencers

I am so excited to share that I launched a business course designed specifically for influencers to grow their business and begin generating over 6-figures a year. The Influencer Biz is a course for influencers of all size followings that teaches effective strategies that will help you to successfully increase your revenue. From pitching to hiring employees and navigating legal to using tools to automate processes, you’ll learn so much in this course. 

Creating this course was something that I was so excited to do, especially because over the past years, I have been getting DMs on Instagram and emails to my blog asking various business questions in relation to being an influencer, content creator, or blogger. With so many courses out there, I noticed that the void in those influencer courses came down to how to run your business as a business. The courses I saw taught how to edit photos or create Instagram Reels. Some even taught how to set up a blog or just generally start out to become an influencer, but what wasn’t there were the details on how to run the business aspects as it relates to finances, hiring, legal, and creating relationships with brands and other creators and establish a business that has longevity.


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