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Holidays Pjs Scaled
Holidays Pjs

Weekends in the winter, especially during the holiday time, are an un-said specific time to cuddle up in your PJs and a blanket with your hot cocoa or tea in hand. That is my literal weekend ritual. If there is no hot cocoa or tea in the house, I immediately go to our nearest grocery store and stock up. I probably end up getting more than I actually need. But why not, it’s time to be cozy and catch up on the books that you had told yourself that you were going to read, or watch those movies that you meant to go to the theater to see, but you lost track fo time and next thing you know, the DVD is on display in Target.



I’ve been stocking up on cozy PJs. I used to just sleep in big t-shirts that I still had from college (I literally used to ask for XLs when free t-shirts were given out so that I could sleep in them). But, it’s about time that I get out of the college mindset and start getting some fashionable, yet comfy luxe PJs. Especially because I love going to and hosting pajama parties and wearing just a big t-shirt isn’t always acceptable. I’ve been shopping for my PJs in places such as Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, and Aerie. All of these stores have comfy pajamas that are not only perfect for all year around but they also have some special holiday PJs right now for super discounted prices. So don’t wait – get yours now!

And on that note, scroll down to the bottom of this post to enter into the Cozy Night In giveaway where you can get the essential pieces for your cozy night in – including some fashionable PJs!

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