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Summer is finally here, and you’re ready to hit the pool or the beach and make a splash. But first, you need to stock up on swimwear – and let’s be honest, shopping for a new bathing suit is rarely anyone’s favorite activity. I’m always looking for great new places to purchase swimwear, and I know you are, too, so I tested Cupshe – one of the leading viral online stores for swimwear. I wanted to be able to give you some honest, unbiased Cupshe reviews, and I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned.

When you’re trying out a new fast fashion site, there’s always a bit of risk involved. It can be hard to know whether or not you’re going to get scammed, or whether or not the pieces you receive will look anything like what you ordered. Will the colors look the same in person? Is the fabric good quality or is it paper thin? Will it fit the way the sizing chart indicated? And will the piece you order even come on time to begin with? When it comes to Cupshe, I’ve got your answers – read on for an honest Cupshe review to learn more!



Cupshe is one of the most popular online swimwear sites, and for good reason – they have a huge selection of swimwear, from bikinis to tankinis, one piece suits, and more which makes it easy to do a Cupshe bathing suits review. In addition to bathing suits, they also sell cover ups, accessories, and even clothing, so you can find pieces for all of your summertime needs. Cupshe believes that every body is a bikini body, and they’re on a mission to design and create pieces that make you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to take on the world.

One of my favorite things about Cupshe bathing suits is that they have offerings for all sizes and different body types. Their sizing goes up to a 4x, so if you struggle to find swimwear that’s the right fit for you, Cupshe can be incredibly helpful.

It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed when you first start shopping on Cupshe because they have such a vast selection of pieces, but their site is well broken down by swimwear type, so you can hone in on the exact kind of item that you’re looking for. Additionally, they have a great search engine, so you can plug in keywords such as colors or style types to best find the look that you’re hunting for.


As Cupshe is a Chinese company, you can expect there to be a bit of a delay in receiving your swimwear. If you’re in a pinch and need a new suit quickly or with an extra-fast turnaround, I would recommend heading to Amazon instead to ensure you get what you need on time. But if you are not on a deadline, Cupshe isn’t terribly slow – they say that you will receive your items within 5-8 business days, and most people tend to receive their order in 8-10 days. Personally, my order came in [IESHA FILL IN] days.

It also is worth noting that as Cupshe is a Chinese company, some shoppers have experienced extended delays when they placed their order around the Lunar New Year / Chinese New Year. We have no way of knowing if this is a consistent issue, but if you’re operating on a specific timeline, it is something you might want to know.

Another thing to know about Cupshe’s shipping is that they don’t do a great job of keeping you updated on the status of your order. Don’t expect regular updates on whether your order has shipped or if it’s on its way, and if your order is split into multiple packages, you probably won’t receive tracking information for all of your items. When ordering from Cupshe, you have to be okay with not getting a ton of info on your order status while you wait for it to arrive.

Swim Cupshe
Babes That Wander in Cupshe – (picks from left to right): Tie-Dye Bikini; Late Autumn Bikini; Retro Fit Banded Bikini; Daisy Night Bikini

CUPSHE Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Cupshe is not the greatest. They do have customer service representatives available, so you aren’t entirely on your own, but it can be difficult to connect with one who will help you. Sometimes the process of going back and forth with Cupshe customer service can turn into a really long round of phone or email tag, and it can be frustrating. Again, if you order from Cupshe, you have to be okay with letting go of the reins a bit and knowing it might not be as smooth of a process as ordering from a non-fast fashion site.

CUPSHE Swim Sizing

When shopping online, one of the biggest concerns will always be sizing: do the pieces that you’re looking at run true to size? Will your items fit once they actually arrive? Overall, I have found that Cupshe’s suits tend to run true to size. There will always be pieces that are cut in such a way that they aren’t quite right for your body type, but as a whole, I’ve found that the bathing suits I’ve bought on Cupshe tend to match my expectations size-wise.

On occasion, I’ve noticed that the one piece suits have a few more sizing difficulties than the two pieces. The two piece suits almost always are true to size, while I’ve had some one piece suits that run smaller than expected or don’t quite fit in the right way – they gap in different places or are cut in a way that doesn’t fit my shape. As a whole, though, for an online site, I’ve had pretty good luck with fit when it comes to suits from Cupshe. Of course, I always recommend double checking a suit’s size chart before purchasing, just to be sure! I’m including Cupshe’s standard size guide below for you to take a look.

Cupshe Size Guide
Cupshe Size Chart


Overall, I have been really impressed with the quality of Cupshe swimwear. Obviously, when you order from Cupshe, you aren’t expecting high end bathing suits – after all, you have to remember your price point – but I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the pieces that I’ve received from Cupshe. As a whole, it’s been on par with what I have received from other similar places such as Amazon, Target, or Old Navy, but with a far wider selection of pieces to choose from. I’ve taken my Cupshe suits on many of my trips and adventures, and I’ve loved that they have held up while still looking super cute.

CUPSHE Return Policy

Though when you order, there’s a great benefit of getting your pieces fairly quickly and easy Cupshe tracking, one of the major drawbacks to Cupshe is their return policy. It is not as simple as Amazon’s, so if you’re wanting to try on a bunch of suits and send back the ones you don’t like, Cupshe might not be your best choice. Let’s take a look at the basics of Cupshe returns:

  • Returns of items in original condition are accepted within 30 days of delivery (excluding items marked as non-returnable). If you return an item after the 30 day window, it will be sent back to you at your own expense.
  • Returned items must be unworn, unwashed in original condition with product tags and hygiene liners attached.
  • Beach blankets, swimming rings, sunglasses, jewelries, hair accessories and items marked as flash sale & final sale are not eligible for returns or exchanges and will not be refunded unless there is a quality issue.
  • Cupshe returns are entirely at your expense – Cupshe’s return process provides the return labels but does not cover the cost of returns.

Return labels start at $7.99, so it’s not the end of the world to have to pay for return shipping, but it’s not something that you’re going to want to do all the time, so keep that in mind as you shop.

OVERALL Pros & Cons

Everyone needs a good Pro/Con list, so when it comes to Cupshe swimsuits, here’s how I feel about the whole process:

  • A huge variety of great styles
  • Affordable prices
  • Inclusive sizing
  • Other summer clothing pieces + accessories
  • Free US shipping on orders over $49
  • Good quality for the price point
  • Extended shipping times
  • No free returns
  • Low customer service
  • Little to no package tracking


HIT!Banana Leaf Twist Front One Piece Swimsuit: I am a sucker for a green swimsuit, especially when you can mix print with solid colors and this one gives the perfect blend in one piece swimsuits while also providing support and flattering the body shape. Unlike some other one pieces that typically flatten out my chest, this one actually accentuated to give me more shape up top which I really did like.

HIT!Twisted Slit Sarong: If anyone is looking for a neutral sarong that gives a little glimpse into what you’re wearing underneath, this is one that I really like. This Cupshe cover up is a soft fabric that you can easily manipulate to make it fit you. It comes in different sizes and, to me, I believe it fit true to size in the waist. It was a little long for me without my platform sandals, but I was able to alter the waist to bring the hemline up slightly without it looking too bunched. I have worn it with some of my white swimwear pieces and it just adds to the overall luxe look that comes when you put together a white swimwear look.

Valiant Lady Virgin Voyages Happy Hour The Docks
Wearing Green Solid and Leafy Print Bikini + Carlene Cover Up Loose Waisted Shirt

MISSGreen Solid and Leafy Print Bikini: Though I do love a green print and solid bathing suit, this one just wasn’t super flattering. To me, it’s definitely a bathing suit that is not meant for those who have a smaller chest. It lays super flat and the twist in the center makes it look like it’s meant to accentuate in a flattering way a larger chest, and if you don’t have one, it just makes the suit look very strange. I also feel that if this swimsuit was more of a high waisted bikini bottom, it would have been a little better but overall, it just wasn’t it for me.

HIT!Carlene Cover Up Loose Waisted Shirt: If you like wearing loose, button up shirts as a cover-up than this Cupshe coverup is for you. I loved the fact that this was loose, breathable and had a fun print. Though I can’t match it with a variety of different swimsuits in my collection, it’s still fun to match with my white and/or green swimwear pieces.

Private Beach Honduras
Wearing Late Autumn Scalloped Bikini

HIT!Late Autumn Scalloped Bikini: This simple, yet cute bikini has been one of my favorites to wear because it gives off a sporty, beachy vibe without it being too much. The print is cute but still neutral and the fabric breathes and stretches so that you don’t feel confined when wearing it. I’ve worn this Cupshe bikini set to beach visits where I am planning on being a little more active and to water activities such as jet skiing because it’s super comfortable and doesn’t ride up severely. It’s also a great set to pair with a few neutral cover ups and beach hats.

HIT!Ariya Crochet Cover-Up: I’ve worn this coverup quite a few times, not only as a beach coverup but also as a shirt. When it comes to Cupshe coverups, this one is one of my top favorites because it is simple and cute and works with a variety of swimsuits. It’s loose fitting so that you don’t feel confined and the crochet aspect of it makes it perfect for really hot beach days.

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Wearing Eden Floral Puff Sleeve Bikini

HIT!Eden Floral Puff Sleeve Bikini: My review on this Cupshe bikini is basically that if it’s still available, get it! The print itself is super feminine and cute and it’s very comfortable. The puff sleeves aren’t too overwhelming and they don’t deflate with water on them. Of course, they’ll go down if you get hit by a wave, but they don’t stay down and take away from the overall look of the swim set. And for those with a bigger chest or a different shape than mine, this set will work for you too.

MISSLove Struck 4-Way Top & Ultra Cheeky Bikini Set: The print on this Cupshe bikini was cute, but the fit just didn’t make my top list. The top and the bottoms were a little too bare for my liking and I felt like if I wore it to the beach or pool, I might as well have not worn anything at all. It’s definitely a bikini for those who like wearing super cheeky or thong bikinis and only are looking to have the bare minimum covered on your body.

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Wearing Mindful Solids Deep Onyx Plunge Once Piece

HIT!Mindful Solids Deep Onyx Plunge One Piece: This was one of my favorite bathing suits to wear to the beach or pool, but if you are someone who is planning on laying out in the sun and getting a tan, this probably isn’t the one that you would get. Not only did this Cupshe one piece work as a swimsuit but it did wonders paired with a skirt, denim shorts, or linen pants to create a cute, casual resort wear look that could be easily transitioned it was time for the beach. I will say that if you are bigger chested or don’t like anything too tight to go a size up because I purchased true to size and it was a little tighter than I preferred but it still looked great.

Current Cupshe Wishlist



Many of us typically tend to shop Cupshe for swimwear, so I wanted to make sure that I gave a full Cupshe swimsuit review. But what would any of the Cupshe reviews be without also including some information on the clothing? So, I wanted to give a little bit of a bonus review to this overall review and share my thoughts and experience on wearing clothing pieces from Cupshe.

I have a few clothing pieces in my closet from Cupshe – the majority of them being dresses. As a comparision, I would say that the clothes range from super great quality that you would find at a store such as Abercrombie or even in Nordstrom, and then others are around the same quality of clothes that you would find on Shein or on Pretty Little Thing. So if you’re someone who is looking for pieces to wear for maybe a season or two, you can definitely shop clothing on Cupshe. The prices are super fair for the quality that you are getting and there are a lot of stylish pieces that you can find. I typically stick with clothing that are cotton rather than going for anything that is satin or thought to be a more delicate fabric because the more delicate fabric pieces tend to also be the more lower quality.

I’ve also gotten some small accessories from there including clutches, sunglasses, and jewelry. The clutches and sunglasses are okay quality. They aren’t meant to be pieces that will last long or that you can travel with many times and not have a backup in the case that it breaks. The jewelry is also around the same kind of quality, but you’ll find, similar to the clothing, that there will be pieces that are higher quality than others.


Overall, Cupshe offers a variety of swimsuit styles that cater to different body types and fashion preferences, making them a popular choice for many people. One of the standout features of Cupshe swimsuits is their stylish designs. The brand keeps up with the latest swimwear trends, offering an array of options from vibrant prints and patterns to classic solid colors. Whether you prefer a one-piece, bikini, or tankini, Cupshe has a diverse selection to choose from.

Another key aspect of Cupshe swimsuits is their affordability. Compared to other swimwear brands, Cupshe offers reasonably priced options without compromising on quality. However, sometimes it still can be a gamble on what type of quality you get with each piece, so I always recommend, like with any purchase, to look at the reviews to not only check to see if the swimwear is durable and lasts long, but also to get tips on whether you should order true to size or size up / down.

In terms of customer service, Cupshe is pretty good. In the few times that I had to deal with their customer service, I didn’t have any negative thoughts. But make sure that when you are making a purchase, you pay attention to whether that piece can be returned or not. With Cupshe returns, not every piece can be returned. With all of that said, if you’re worried whether Cupshe is another China based scam website, it’s not. It’s actually a very dependable place to shop for pieces and I have been doing it for years and have found that, like many places you shop online, you’ll receive great pieces that you’ll fall in love with and other pieces that you may just not like or don’t think they fit.


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