Cute Instagram Stickers to Match Your Brand & Aesthetic

We’ve all been in the position where we are about to post an Instagram story, we add the text, but there’s just a little more flare that we want to add to it. We open the Instagram stickers, but there are so many options and you just don’t know where to start. You want those cute Instagram stickers to make your stories stand out among the rest and you want those Instagram stickers to match your aesthetic.

Over the years of posting, I found myself going down rabbit hole after rabbit hold looking for cute Instagram stickers, and after awhile I found ones that I stick to while also having my own custom Instagram stickers made for my brand.

I’ve rounded up a list of some of the best Instagram stickers that you can use to make your stories pop.

Cute Instagram Stickers to Match Your Brand And Aesthetic With A List Of Some Of The Best Instagram Stickers | LivingLesh


An Instagram sticker is custom gift that has been created by someone to use on your Instagram stories. Don’t think of them as the gifs that you typically send to friends or family in text messages to add a fun little note to a conversation. Instead, think of them as aesthetically pleasing images that make your stories have more design elements added than the image or video that you are sharing.

Your Instagram sticker can also direct people as to how to interact with your story such as telling them to make sure their sound is on or telling them to wait towards the end. You can also direct them as to what to pay attention to with arrows or circling the most important information.


To find Instagram stickers and add them to your stories, you first need to create an Instagram story. Once you click the add button and select ‘Story’, film your story or add a pre-made video or photo. Then in the top right corner, click the button that looks like a sticky note with a smiley face on it. Another screen will pop up from the bottom and on that screen. At this point, you are accessing all of stickers that Instagram allows you to add on stories. Below, I provide a list of all the different types, but in this post we are specifically going to focus on the stickers found in GIF as those are the ones that you’ll find customized and particular to the aesthetic you are looking to create.

how to add instagram stickers


There are different types of Instagram stickers. The types come down to what you want to use. Outside of the GIF option, which I’ve provided a list of cute Instagram stickers below, there are:

  • Hashtag stickers
  • Mention Stickers
  • Geotag stickers
  • Poll stickers
  • Question stickers
  • Countdown stickers
  • Music stickers
  • Caption stickers
  • ‘Add Yours’ stickers
  • Avatar stickers
  • Emoji stickers
  • Rating stickers
  • Shopping stickers
  • Donation stickers



If you’re looking for something to fit your specific brand, you can have custom Instagram stickers made that you can access on the Instagram page. If you’re not great at graphic designing, you can pay a vendor to make a set for you. They’ll then either upload them for you or show you how, but it is as simple as creating an account on GIPHY, uploading the stickers with the necessary information, and then searching for them on Instagram.

custom cute instagram stickers


Looking for something that screams Summer? Giulialain summer Instagram stickers are a great choice. What I love about Giulialain summer Instagram stickers is the variety of cute cursive fonts to colorful icons. If you are adventurous in the summer or just hitting the beach these stickers will match your summer vibes. I love using them for a lot of beachy, travel Instagram stories because they fit so well.

cute summer instagram stickers


Giulialain Instagram stickers are my go-to stickers to share on my stories to add a little fun and positivity. I love the different fonts, the variety of positive quotes, and the feel-good icons. Utilizing these cute Instagram stickers is an easy way to add more personality to your stories no matter if you’re sharing a photo or a fun video.

cute instagram stickers


Fun, colorful, and cheery Giulianlain Christmas Instagram stickers really bring the cheer to Instagram stories. These winter wonderland Christmas stickers are so much fun and have effects from changing lights, dancing canes, and snow to add some festive aesthetics to your stories. When it’s time to post some holiday fun on your Instagram, use these stickers to brighten up the post and make it pop.

cute christmas instagram stickers


Searching boho brings up aesthetic Instagram story stickers with a bohemian vibe. These stickers are very cute and great for lifestyle stories. Boho Instagram stickers are very playful and decorative. The colors tend to be more muted but you’ll find they are very versatile.

boho instagram stickers


Looking for chic, and playful but with a vintage feel Instagram stickers? Well then Vipapier is the right search for you. You’ll find very muted vintage-like stickers with cute cursive fonts, hearts, and sweet sayings. Easy to use for lifestyle photos. I love using these for a lot of home Instagram stories that set the mood for a relaxing day.

feminine instagram stickers


Subtle and effortless is what these Instagram stickers bring to the table. Border Instagram Stickers are great to add effortless personality without doing too much. You can find moving stickers, full borders, or partial corners.

frame instagram stickers


Flowes, fun fonts, and cute ghost stickers Happpal is an easy one-stop shop to add fun and funky to your Instagram stories. These are cute and simple Instagram stickers that have a variety of very fun fonts. There are so many fun saying, images, and other fun aspects to these stickers that will have you wanting to use them over and over again.

girly cute instagram stickers


When you just need some text to add to your Instagram stories, but you want something to pop, then the Grayter Instagram story stickers are definitely ones that you’ll want to use. The best combination of words that are written in a variety of fonts that will match any aesthetic. Grayter Instagram Stories Stickers are a favorite for the fun animated text that can bring your message to life.

grayter instagram stickers


Instagram Story Stickers for the Makers, Crafts & DIY-ers. Handmade doesn’t disappoint from cute quotes to icons of handmade items you can take your before photos and give an idea of what the after may look like or show where you are in the process. You can find an assortment of cute stickers that will make your stories come to life.

handmade cute instagram stickers


Can we talk about how artsy this warm-toned color palette is? This is great for students, artists, and homebodies to use to share their work. Laurenh Instagram gifs are charming and give off that subtle feel.

instagram stickers cute


Mikyla stickers are perfect to add some cutesy and feminine icons to your stories. I love the variety of hearts, small phrases, and abstract solid shapes to give my stories simple but a cheerful feel. These are great for travel and everyday Instagram stories that you create to showcase a day in the life of you.

mikayla cute instagram stickers


Vogue Instagram stickers are simple, eye-catching, and fun. Great for bloggers, influencers, and anyone who wants to add or promote some style to their Instagram stories. Doing any try-ons or showing your outfit of the day, these stickers will add an extra element to your Instagram stories.

vogue cute instagram stickers


When I am looking for more delicate, and feminine fonts Hanmade doesn’t disappoint. These script and minimalistic gifs are great for busy photos and bring simplicity to create cute Instagram stories. I love using them for more formal and “upscale” Instagram stories when I am showcasing something in my home, a more formal restaurants, or a formal outfit.

stylish cute instagram stickers


Searching “Sinalisa” brings up a ton of aesthetic Instagram story GIFs that are fine-lined and minimalistic. Its small delicate flowers and thin lines are all ready to be added to your stories. This is another great Instagram story sticker set that you can use for your everyday at home and on the go.

sinalsa cute instagram stickers


I love a great script Instagram sticker. As the name suggests, they’re a collection of script fonts that would work great on your stories. With a variety of colors, you’ll have no issue adding these to your Instagram stories.

script cute instagram stickers


Scriptbynora is a favorite of mine. These stickers are super cute, they’re very clean, and are great to highlight short words or phrases on your Instagram stories.

script by nora instagram stickers


Lidiaon is a great search for thought bubble quotes, and super cute inspirational and motivational GIFs for Instagram stories. I enjoy scrolling through these Instagram gifs and finding a fun quote about self-care or a line from the Harry Potter series.

pop culture cute instagram stickers

There are so many cute Instagram stickers out there! It can be hard to choose which ones to use, but if you take the time to find ones that match your brand and aesthetic, it’ll be worth it. I have a few personal favorites that I use all the time, and I’m always finding new ones to love. If you want to see what I’m using, follow me on Instagram.


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Cute Instagram Stickers to Match Your Brand And Aesthetic With A List Of Some Of The Best Instagram Stickers | LivingLesh
Cute Instagram Stickers to Match Your Brand And Aesthetic With A List Of Some Of The Best Instagram Stickers | LivingLesh
Cute Instagram Stickers to Match Your Brand And Aesthetic With A List Of Some Of The Best Instagram Stickers | LivingLesh

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