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Many of us do all the research and know all the right settings to take the best photos, but then when it’s time to get in front of the camera and get the shot, we tend to get stuck and not know what to do. You see all of these photos all over Instagram where people are rocking cute poses for photos, but you can’t seem to think of any for yourself.

There are a variety of different cute poses that you can add to your collection, so that after you’ve handed over the camera, you get in front of it with confidence and strike the greatest pose.

As an influencer who is constantly in front of the camera to get photos for my blog post and Instagram posts, I had to gather a bunch of pose ideas so that when it gets to editing, I don’t scrap them all because of the way that I look. But I was right there with you at one point, frozen as to how to pose for pictures. I just eventually started trying new things and found some amazing poses for pictures that worked.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some ides for cute poses for pictures that you can add to your collection. These easy Instagram pose ideas are ones that will make you stand out in your next photoshoot.

Sitting Poses For Influencers

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Before you dive down into these Instagram pose ideas, you may be thinking of what you should to do to prepare for your photoshoot, so I want to provide some tips for how to get ready for your photoshoot and put your cute poses to use.

    Scout out your location before heading directly there. There have been quite a few times that I have looked up a location online that I thought would be great for a photoshoot to then get there and find out that it either doesn’t look exactly how pictured or there are tons of people there and taking photos without people in the background is almost impossible.
    For outdoor photos, you’ll want to aim for early in the morning when the sun is just rising or later in the evening during ‘golden hour’ which is right before sunset. If you’re looking to do inside photos, think of where the windows are and what time of day natural light will be optimal.
    Save some examples of what type of photos you are looking to get and show them to your photographer. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or professional photographer, providing examples can often help so that the vision that you have is actually captured.

P.S. Looking for an indoor location to shoot? Try Home Studio List! They are like Airbnb for photoshoots. You can find a number of houses that you can rent for a set amount of time in your city and also scout some of them on social media from the owner’s own social media pages.


If you are planning on trying out some new poses, first practice each Instagram pose in the mirror and practice them with the outfits that you’re planning on wearing. This will help you to get an idea of how the outfit look while in the pose, whether the pose is actually for you, and it’ll lead you to feeling more confident in front of the camera because you know what you’re doing. When it comes to creating memorable and breathtaking photos, mastering the art of posing is just as important as having the right camera or a skilled photographer. Whether you’re preparing for a professional photoshoot, a special occasion, or simply want to improve your everyday selfie game, practicing poses is the key to looking your best in front of the lens.

  1. Research and Inspiration: Before you even step in front of the camera, take some time to gather inspiration. Look through fashion magazines, photography websites, and social media platforms to discover beautiful poses that resonate with you. Pay attention to body language, facial expressions, and the overall vibe of the images you like. Create a mood board or Pinterest board to collect the best photo poses as a reference.

  2. Mirror Practice: The mirror is your best friend when it comes to perfecting your best photography poses. Spend some time in front of a full-length mirror, experimenting with different poses and angles. Pay attention to your posture, the position of your arms, and the tilt of your head. Keep in mind that small adjustments can make a significant difference in the final result.

  3. Practice with Props: If your photoshoot involves props, practice with them. Whether it’s a bouquet of flowers, a chair, or a musical instrument, incorporating props into your different poses can add depth and character to your images. Experiment with how you can interact with these objects to create dynamic and interesting shots.

  4. Work on Your Posture: Good posture is the foundation of a stunning pose. Practice standing tall with your shoulders back and your core engaged. Maintain a relaxed yet confident stance, and remember to distribute your weight evenly between your feet. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down, correct posture will always enhance your photographs.

  5. Experiment with Expressions: Your facial expressions are just as important as your body language. Practice conveying a range of emotions and moods in front of the mirror. From a genuine smile to a sultry gaze, the right expression can transform an ordinary pose into an extraordinary one.

  6. Pose Flow: Practice transitioning between different poses smoothly. A series of poses that flow seamlessly can tell a compelling story in your photos. Work on moving from one pose to another with grace and ease, ensuring that your movements look natural and unforced.

  7. Practice with a Friend or Photographer: Enlist the help of a friend or a photographer to get feedback on your poses. Having a second set of eyes can provide valuable insights and suggestions for improvement. They can also help you gauge how your poses will translate in front of the camera.

  8. Video Recording: Record yourself practicing poses on video. This allows you to review your movements, body language, and expressions in real-time. You can identify areas that need improvement and make the necessary adjustments for a more polished performance.

  9. Relax and Breathe: Remember to relax and breathe while practicing poses. Tension in your body or face can be easily captured in photographs, so stay calm and composed. Deep breaths can help you stay relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

Mastering the art of posing is a journey that requires patience and practice. By dedicating time to research, mirror practice, and seeking feedback, you’ll be well-prepared to shine in your next photoshoot. Whether you’re aiming for a professional modeling career or just looking to create the best looks for those Instagram photos, these steps for practicing the best picture poses will help you present your best self in front of the lens. So, start practicing and get ready to capture the perfect shot!


1. Sitting POSES

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Depending on the setting of your photoshoot, sitting poses can be great ones to go-to. Whether you are sitting directly on the ground, on a chair, or slightly sitting on a ledge or table, you can make it work. There are a variety of different types of sitting poses that you can do, but it all comes down to how much you’re sitting and where you are sitting. This is also a great pose for a couple’s pose because you can have your partner sit, and you can lean back or vice versa.

FOR THE POSE: When you sit, try sit naturally as you would any other time. Don’t think too much about what to do with your legs as that’s when it starts to get awkward. Instead let them fall where they naturally would if you weren’t posing for a photo. Maybe you have both legs tucked under you as your are sitting on the ground, or maybe one leg is out forward or in a triangle arch to create dimension – either way, do what works for you. For you hands, try playing with your hair, crossing your arms, or playing with props (we will talk about those more below).

PRO TIP: Choose the appropriate seating that complements the theme and your attire for the best picture pose. The seating doesn’t necessarily have to be a chair. It can be a ledge, stool, the ground, or a curb, but make sure that it works with your attire and that is creates a strong contrast from what you are wearing. The last thing that you’ll want is your outfit to look like it has disappeared into the seat.

2. Leaning POSES

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Another posing idea that works great with your surroundings, and is super easy, is the leaning post. This cute pose idea allow for a little interaction with the surrounding area while also adding a relaxing element to the photo. Ledges are the perfect places to this type of pose because they are meant to be leaned on. You can lean with your back or depending on if you can get the camera person in front of you, you can lean forward towards the camera.

FOR THE POSE: To perfect the leaning pose, choose a supportive surface or prop to lean against, such as a wall, a railing, or a tree, depending on the setting. Maintain a natural and comfortable posture, leaning gently to avoid appearing tense. Experiment with various angles, adjusting the degree of your lean to convey different emotions or styles. Keep your body relaxed and your facial expression matching with the desired mood of the shot. Mastering leaning poses will enhance your photography by introducing a captivating dimension to your images. Another thing to add for this camera pose is when leaning, relax your arms or lean into them and look around at your surroundings. This is the perfect pose to look away from the camera as if you’re just in the area relaxing and someone happened to snap a photo.


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This is definitely one of the best picture poses for pictures that I typically go-to. Many of us naturally play with our hair when we don’t know quite what to do with our hands. And if it’s a little windy outside, we also naturally try to move our hands out of our face which just makes the pose look a lot more natural. Whether you’re playing with your hair staring directly at the camera or looking away, it’s a natural photo pose to add to your collection of pose ideas.

FOR THE POSE: Playing with your hair during a photo shoot can add a touch of natural elegance and charm to your poses. To do this, gently run your fingers through your hair or twirl a strand, keeping your movements soft and effortless. The key is to make it look like a candid pose that comes off as totally unforced. Playing with your hair can convey a sense of relaxation, confidence, or even playfulness, depending on your desired vibe for the photo. Remember to maintain a relaxed facial expression and occasionally make eye contact with the camera to create a captivating and engaging image that feels both genuine and alluring. When it comes to this pose, for me, I’ll use both hands and play with the end of my hair as if I’m holding it. But when playing with your hair with one hand, use a swooping motion as if you’re moving the hair out of your face, even if you actually aren’t.


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Using motion is something that the camera loves and it makes for cute poses for photography. A great one to use on a regular basis is walking towards the camera or walking away. For a different pose for photos where you are trying to show off an outfit, this helps to show the movement of the look while also allowing you to just naturally move. And for travel photos, walking towards or away from the camera shows the natural element of walking around the area. This pose idea is super popular on streets and crosswalks – especially in the city – but it works pretty much anywhere.

FOR THE POSE: Have your camera person stay at a singular point and you walk toward or away from the camera a few times. Take into account the amount of empty space that you want in your photos to estimate the distance of where you’re farthest point should be. And as you are walking, walk in somewhat of a zig-zag pattern with your legs – it’ll create depth and a very cute pose in your photos.

5. Side POSE

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Never feel like you always have to stay facing the camera. The side photo is a cute pose idea for any type of photo because it shows off the shape of your body while also creating a “oh, there you are” kind of look. It’s an intriguing and inviting pose that I absolutely love and tend to consider one of the best pose for a picture that I will post under a travel theme. When I have people asking Instagram pose ideas, this side pose is definitely one that I recommend. This is also a great couple pose because you can come close to the camera and be holding hands with the photographer, even if that person isn’t your partner, and create that iconic cute Instagram photo that you often see couple’s doing when they travel.

FOR THE POSE: This pose works great in motion. Start by slightly facing away from the camera and then slowly start turning to face the camera and stay to the side. This will add motion to your outfit as you are turning, and create a natural side look. Try turning your body at your ankles or only turning the top portion of your body to create different side angle poses. Whether standing or sitting, elongate your neck and gently tilt your head to create graceful lines for this great photo pose. Use your arms to frame your body or add depth to the shot by placing one hand on your hip or letting them fall naturally. Side poses are ideal for highlighting your profile and conveying a sense of elegance, making them a valuable addition to your posing repertoire.

6. Crossing ARMS

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If you’re thinking of the best pose to take pictures where you are ready to provide some attitude, you may want to consider the crossing arms pose. When you’re stuck on what to do with your arms, try to the crossing your arms photoshoot pose. It’s a super simple pose that feels natural, because many of us typically cross our arms when we are feeling uncomfortable or out of place. For this pose, you can cross one arm and play with your hair or props with the other or cross both arms and hug yourself.

FOR THE POSE: Make sure to open up your stance while crossing your arms. You can then push a dynamic pose for photos that will be super edgy or, if you’re smiling, a very cute and inviting picture. In relation so some of the other photoshoot poses, this one can come off super edgy or super standoff-ish, so make sure to create some aspect of welcoming with your stare. Consider the angle of your arms; a high cross can exude confidence, while a lower cross might convey a more relaxed or introspective mood. Pay attention to the positioning of your hands, and avoid gripping your arms tightly; instead, let your fingers gently rest or lightly touch your upper arms. Maintain a relaxed facial expression and make eye contact with the camera to ensure that your crossed-arm pose appears natural, comfortable, and engaging in your photos.

7. Hands ON HIPS

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An easy pose idea for Instagram photos is the hands on the hip or hips. This is one of those other poses that are great if you don’t know what to do with your hands. But just because it says hands on the hips, doesn’t mean you actually have to put your hands right on your hips. For a pro tip for this pose for photos, you can place your hands a little higher above your hips to lengthen your legs. Unlike many Instagram poses, this pose creates an illusion that lengthens your legs but doesn’t shorten your torso, which then makes you look taller.

FOR THE POSE: Place your hands on your hips with your elbows slightly pointing backward and your fingers gently resting on the curve of your waist. Try putting a variety in where you place your hands on or near your hips and how you place them. I like to switch from having my hands in front to then placing them in the back. In these photos, you can see I have my hands on my back which opens up my chest area and also doesn’t obstruct from showing off the outfit.

8. Twirling / Movement OF OUTFIT

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You have a dress or skirt that allows for a little movement? Then you may want to try this best photo for a photo where you have enough space to give us a twirl. This cute pose for photos is a fun pose that also adds movement and a dynamic element to photos. Don’t worry about having to look directly at the camera and try not to think too much about it. You want to make sure that you look effortless and natural while you twirl.

FOR THE POSE: As you twirl, use your arms to accentuate the motion by extending them outwards or letting them follow the flow of your spin. Ensure you have enough space and a clear backdrop to make the twirl visually striking. Capturing the moment when your dress or outfit billows and your hair swirls can result in a magical and dynamic image. The key to a successful twirl is to embrace the joy of the moment, and let the movement flow naturally, conveying a sense of carefree happiness in your photos. If you’re not holding onto the dress or skirt while you twirl, let your hands float naturally outward while you twirl. Also, smile or giggle while you are twirling to make it look like you’re just having so much fun. Twirling is a fun, cute pose, so make sure it looks that way.

9. Face Toward THE LIGHT

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You might have heard this before from photographers since it’s a best phone for photography where natural light adds an extra element.. They tell you to find the light. If you’re in an area where the sun is setting or there is light peeking through one area, add the facing toward the light pose to one of the other pose ideas to add an additionally element. The glow on your face will create such an amazing look and you’ll fall in love with the photos.

FOR THE POSE: Position yourself so that the primary source of light, whether it’s natural sunlight or artificial lighting, illuminates your face. This allows your features to be beautifully highlighted, minimizing shadows and creating a soft, even glow. If you’re outdoors, consider the golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset, for the most flattering and warm light. If you don’t mind facing the flight with your eyes open, look slightly off towards in and try not to squint too much. If the light is too intense, close your eyes and soften your face to make it look like you are basking in the sunrays and taking in its radiance.

10. Looking BACK

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You’ll see this pose a lot in travel photos since it is another best pose for photos with a great backdrop. Typically, the pose is used when walking away from the camera and you look back for a coy glance with a slight “follow me” look. But walking away from the camera is not the only way to use this cute pose. Use it in different angles and look back as if there is something that you’re looking for. The only angle that you would want to avoid for this pose is when the camera is straight in front of you. You don’t want the photo to be the side profile and mostly your neck.

FOR THE POSE: Tilt your chin towards the camera when looking backward at it to open up your face. Try to avoid hiding your face in your shoulder by dropping your shoulder slightly. Another way to also make this pose idea of Instagram work for you is to reach backwards and have the camera person hold your hand and put it out of focus or leave your hand reaching.

11. The LAUGH

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We tend to strike serious faces or give small smiles when we pose, but another easy pose that doesn’t have you thinking to much about your hands or body is the laughing pose. When standing in front of the camera, just start laughing and see what your body does. Your body will turn and go naturally where it may and you’ll end up with a super cute photo.

FOR THE POSE: When doing this cute pose, you’ll actually want to laugh out loud. To achieve this, think of something that genuinely amuses you, whether it’s a funny memory or a friend’s joke. Allow yourself to experience a real, heartfelt laugh, and don’t force it. As you laugh, maintain a relaxed facial expression, and let your eyes crinkle at the corners to convey the authenticity of the moment. Candid laughter often produces the most endearing photos, so embrace the spontaneity and let your genuine happiness shine through, creating a captivating and heartwarming image. Trust me, it makes a difference.

12. Play With PROPS

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The use of props in photos is a great way to add extra elements to your photos that you may have not had in others. This does require some planning ahead if you’re heading to a particular location that you want to shoot, but if you’re on the go, just use whatever props that you have around you that feels natural.

FOR THE POSE: Consider the location and the season for what props will naturally fit. You wouldn’t be using a scarf as a prop in the summertime, because that doesn’t fit at all. Then with the prop, play with it as it is means to be played with. When the photo is taken, make sure the prop’s size and scale are balanced within the frame, so it doesn’t overwhelm or distract from the main subject, you. Interact naturally with the prop, as if it’s an extension of your own expression or personality, and avoid overcomplicating the scene. Props should enhance, not overshadow, the overall composition. Most importantly, have fun with it, as your genuine enjoyment and engagement with the props will translate into a more captivating and authentic photograph.


  • Flowers
  • Small Food Items (ice cream, candy, etc.)
  • Jacket
  • Accessories (hat, sunglasses, bag, etc.)
  • Items in the Environment (sand on the beach, leaves in the forest, shopping cart at a store, etc.)
  • Book/Newspaper
  • Cups / Glasses

13. Throw Your ARMS UP

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A super cute pose idea for Instagram photos is throwing your arms up in the air. It’s a fun pose that is easy to do no matter what the season is. And if you have something around you, you can even add an extra element and throw something while you’re throwing you arms up, or have a prop in hand that you’re holding out like sunglasses or a hat.

FOR THE POSE: If you’re not sure what to do with your fingers when you throw your arms up, give a peace sign. This pose with the peace sign is a popular one when you’re facing away from the camera and going towards something. It just makes it look like you’re off on an adventure to go and find new experiences.

14. Dining POSES

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You’ve headed out somewhere, you have on a cute outfit or the food in front of you looks amazing, and you think to yourself “how can I capture this photo?”. Well, dining poses are great to show off the food and also show off what you may be wearing.

FOR THE POSE: Interact with what is in front of you. The easiest thing to do is to hold the drink that has been served to you. For me, if I have a cocktail, I’ll hold the glass in one hand, but if I have a tea or coffee, I’ll hold the cup with two. Also, as you are preparing for this type of pose, consider these things:

  • Don’t eat your food or drink too much of your beverage. It’s hard to reorganize or hide bitten parts in your photo.
  • Try to find a drink and food that is Instagram-worthy, but also one that you’ll actually enjoy. No one wants to pay for a meal or drink that won’t be consumed. Plus, that’s wasteful.
  • If you’re planning on taking photos, try to get yourself as close to the windows as possible for the natural light. If there’s patio seating, opt for that so that you are avoiding the fluorescent glow of the lights that will cast on you and the food.


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