An Adventure in Dallas, Texas to Review the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross

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ABOUT the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross Adventure

Around the start of the Fall, I was contacted by Toyota about their upcoming launch of the 2021 Corolla Cross, which as of October, is now officially launched and already on the road. As a person who is a fan of Toyota vehicles, I was very excited to hear about the launch and eager to test out the new vehicle especially since we are looking for a new car to take along for our family road trips to places like Maine. For the launch, they invited myself and a group of other influencers to Dallas, Texas to take an adventure around the state.

The trip and the experience was absolutely fantastic and being able to test out the Corolla Cross and it’s different variances as wonderful. I ended up actually rethinking my decision on our next family car as I have always wanted a Toyota Highlander, but can’t seem to get my hands on the one that I truly want.

So to give you some insight on the 2021 Corolla Cross I’ve provided a review along with some tips on places to travel to in Dallas, Texas.

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The 2021 Corolla Cross is a hybrid car that takes the Corolla, what we typically know as a sedan, and has made it into a small SUV. As someone who prefers to drive an SUV, I was happy to find out that this car was a small size SUV that gave us enough room to tote around our things and have space to do all the adventuring that we were planning to do.

Inside the car, you’ll find a lot of perks that you’ll want in a car. There is wireless charging for your phone and Apple CarPlay so that you can plug your phone in and use the apps on the touchscreen instead of staring at your phone. You’ll also enjoy a moonroof and many other relaxing aspects, but what was most important to me was the drive.

When driving the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross, you’ll find that the drive is super smooth and the pickup is better than you would expect. I’m someone who hits the gas when on the highway or taking off from a red light and this car allowed me to do just that without any jerking or feeling that I am pushing the car too much. And as I drove it, it felt as if we were in cruise control the entire time because I barely felt a bump in the road as I drove it.

The sleek design, tech, and smooth drive of the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross has definitely made me rethink my future car decisions and has put this car on my list of cars to look at as we begin the search for our next family car.


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During our adventure in Dallas, Texas with Toyota, we stayed at the Virgin Hotel in Dallas which was a chic place to stay. If you’re looking for a class, fun, and Instagram-able place to stay while you’re in Dallas, I recommend this hotel. Each area has a unique aesthetic and the suites in the hotel are to be marveled. We stayed in a corner King Suite that included a kitchen and living area, guest bathroom, and a bedroom with full walk-in closet, large rain shower, and make-up vanity. If I could have taken that room with me and put it in my pocket to stay at when I traveled to other locations, I would have because it included so many aspects of my dreams including a walk-out patio that overlooked the skyline – a great place to watch sunrise and sunset.

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One of the adventure that they took us on was a trip to the FC Dallas Stadium where we would have a half day of training and become a signed member of the team for the day. At the start of the experience, we each got to sign our own contracts and then were taken to the team’s locker room to see our own personalized lockers and jerseys, then off to the field it was for us. The day was super fun as we got to take part in many drills and scrimmage. I’ve never been a soccer player and will say that I don’t think I was ever meant to be one, but I will say that I picked up quite a few new techniques that I can use against my husband, who was once a soccer play, when we go the park for some family fun.
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One of my favorite things that we got to do was to so a drive thru safari at Fossil Rim. For this part of the adventure, Toyota sent us off in the 2021 Corolla Cross to Fossil Rim and we got to take the car through the safari and feed and interact with the animals at the wildlife center. When you go, keep in mind that they only allow you to feed the animals with the food that they give you and there is only one cup per car. You’ll encounter a variety of different animals and the giraffes, which are seen halfway through the experience, are the only animals that you can feed directly. To be able to stand out of the moonroof of the Corolla Cross and directly feed a giraffe was a moment that I will not forget and one that I will cherish forever.
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One of the group activities that I really enjoyed while we were there was going to the Cookery in Dallas to prepare our dinner together. At the experience, you get to work with a cook who will guide you through preparing a full menu which includes a starter, main course and sides, along with a dessert that all members of the group get to take part in preparing while also enjoying wine if you so choose. The collaborative experience was fun and super enjoyable and I loved learning new cooking techniques and recipes that I was able to bring home and use in my own kitchen.
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On of the days were we were able to explore on our own, we ventured to the Fort Worth Stockyards to watch the cattle drive. Rich in tradition, the Fort Worth Stockyards is where the West began and at the Stockyards you’ll feel like you are transported back in time as you get the experience some of the ways of the cowboys while also interacting with the real-life cowboys who also drive the cattle down the road twice a day. Shop for cowboy boots, enjoy BBQ, watch gunfight shows, and learn about the history during your trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards. It is a place that you should not pass up and one that I will say that I really enjoyed because of all the fun activities for the entire family that were there.
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