Why Date Night in a Marriage is So Important

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Just like any other couple, before my husband and I moved in together, we went on a lot of date since we didn’t see each other all the time. These dates were special do us because there were more days about than there were together. Then when we first moved in together, those date night died. We kind of figured that since we saw each other every day, there was really no point of having a date night. We were wrong.

Together, we learned that date night is still as important as it was before we lived together. Actually, it could be even more important. Here’s some reasons as to why date night is so important with living together and/or when you’re married.

You Both Need Some Air

Being cooped up together in the same space for an extended period of time can become overwhelming. And no one wants to begin to feel as if going to work is a break from your spouse. So by going out, you are giving yourself some air and allowing yourself to mingle with your friends and/or meet other couples out on their date nights.

Marriage Isn’t Meant to Be Monotonous

No one envisions their life being the same robotic motions week after week. So don’t let it be! By going out and trying to things, you’re experiencing things together and making sure your marriage is fun. My husband and I love to eat, so we try to go out to new restaurants that we haven’t been and try new things. New food, new drinks and then we share what we are eating. We are also big fans of Bar Rescue. So, we like to laugh when we go to restaurants and bars and think about whether what Jon Taffer would say about the bar. We are not real critics, but sometimes we like to think that we have learned enough from the show to be ones.

Strengthens Your Bond

When you have date nights, you can go out and tell each other stories that you may have not told the other one yet. Small things from your childhood that aren’t really that significant but worth talking about. This allows you to get to know your spouse all the way through and vice versa. And going back to my previous point, if you do things you haven’t done before then that bond gets even stronger. When my husband and I went on one of our excursions during our honeymoon, there was a 25 foot deep natural pool in a cave that we could jump in. Now, my husband didn’t want to jump but he was fully supportive in watching me, filming, taking pictures and sharing that experience with me. You don’t have to be as crazy as that – it could be simple new experience of walking a park you haven’t before.

Everyone Wants to Have Fun with Their Best Friend

Everyone always wants to have fun with their best friend. Before, it was probably your friend from college. Now, you are each other’s best friend and having fun with that one person in your life that deals with you no matter how crazy you act is the person that you want to take out and treat just for dealing with your nonsense.

When my husband and I go out for date night, I try to balance my outfits dependent on where we are going. But I love being able to ask him what I should wear and what he thinks before we go out. When I first bought this dress from VICI, he complimented it so much. So I know that one day I’ll have to wear it to a nice dinner and let him know that I wore it especially for him.



Dress – VICI (similar here) // Shoes – Famous Footwear

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Why Date Night In A Marriage Is Important
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