A Versatile Bracelet with David Yurman

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DSC 1328When it comes to fashion accessories, versatility is a word that needs to be used for 85% of the accessories you own. For me, when I purchase a piece of jewelry, I want to be able to wear it with more than one outfit in my closet.

I make exceptions for pieces that I absolutely can’t do without, but for the most part, I want pieces of jewelry that I can wear with as many outfits that I can. As a budget shopper, this makes the value of my pieces extend.

Earlier last week, I posted about the new David Yurman store expansion at the King of Prussia mall. The new store was to be marveled at. But one thing that I didn’t focus on previously was the fact that many of the pieces made by David Yurman are versatile.

Whether it is one of the staple cord bracelets, the earrings on the necklace, each David Yurman piece is uniquely designed but also can be worn with a variety of outfits. And to me, those are the pieces worth bringing into your accessory collection.

Last week, David Yurman unveiled the relaunched limited edition Aluminum Cable Renaissance Bracelets. These bracelets come in a variety of colors such as pink, blue, purple, and so many more. You can pick one color to match your personality, or pick a few to bring together a style palette that can go along with your wardrobe.


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I had the privilege of snagging one of these limited edition bracelets for myself. I chose the gray style so that I could have a piece that went with everything – because honestly, I am in love with this bracelet and will want to wear it with everything.

David Yurman’s cable bracelets are a signature staple to the brand, and to be able to have one is absolutely remarkable.

I wasn’t as daring as most people can be, so I didn’t snag one of the Aluminum Renaissance Collection bracelets in my favorite color – purple. But I challenge you to be daring, and find a piece from this collection that is not only versatile, but one that fits you and your personality.


Aluminum Cord Bracelet David Yurman Cord Bracelet


You can check out the front page feature here or you can head directly to the purchase page and grab your Aluminum bracelet.

Remember, they are here for a limited time so don’t wait too long.

Thank you to David Yurman for the beautiful bracelet and for sponsoring this post. Opinion are 100% my own. 

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