How to Deal with FOMO

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FOMO or ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is a real thing. There are so many events that happen throughout the year – fashion weeks, festivals, times where everyone is in one location like the Hamptons, and even just simply weekend trips with your friends that you couldn’t get off of work for. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dealt with FOMO. As a full-time teacher and blogger, there are a variety of occasions when I get invited on press trips, to events, and to other collaboration opportunities and I have to turn those opportunities down because I am committed to teaching and only get a certain amount of days off in the year. Even more, sometimes I just generally get anxiety thinking about taking additional ays off and leaving my students – when I am away, all I can think of is how far behind we will be falling. But you may not me in my specific case, you may just have other things that are keeping you from doing something that you are interested I doing – thus the FOMO. I’m sharing my tips on how I got over some of the FOMO and what I’m doing this year to give myself more of an opportunity to take part in the things I couldn’t before.



The first thing that I learned about getting rid of FOMO is to make a plan so that you are’t left out. For example, I have been wanting to go to Coachella for the past few years. This year, I had a semi-plan to attend but Baby V decided that he wanted to come along so that plan got put on hold. But now, I am planning for next year. I have a travel buddy and I am on the list to receive the email for when pre-sales start. Once I get all of that in place, I can start making arrangements for travel and stay. Then next then you know, I’ll be there for one weekend to party at Coachella like I have always wanted to.

The other thing I learned about FOMO is that it is a mental thing. You may have that moment when you are wanting to be somewhere or participating in an event, but keep in mind that either the event could happen next year and during that time you’ll be able to make it, or maybe that you missing out on this event is giving you the funds to go on the next event. I learned that from taking the cruise trip that hubby and I took the end of last year. There were quite a few events last summer and into the Fall that I wanted to take, but I kept missing out. Luckily, by me not attending those events, hubby and I were able to fully afford going on a cruise to the Bahamas and flying first class.

Lastly, and this is the biggest thing, make your own plans and experiences. Yes, as a blogger, I am also sharing experiences on social media like my Instagram. And yes, I often times look at the pictures of others and say “Oh, I wish I was there…”, but it’s really important to keep in mind that everyone is going to have their own unique experience, and if you’re so focused on creating that exact experience as you see it, you’ll miss out on actually enjoying the true moment. So, take social media as a source of inspiration and then have the experience on your own. In that moment, you won’t have FOMO because you can’t miss out on your own experience if you’re not having. it.

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