Why I Appreciate Diapers More Than Ever

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It’s natural to take the smallest things for granted, especially when focusing on some things that we tend to prioritize over others. As a new mom, I knew that I needed diapers for my baby, but didn’t really think twice to appreciate that I had them.  I remember adding diapers to my registry and making sure that we had enough supplied to last us for a long time. I knew that “a long time” wasn’t going to be as long as one would typically think, but I knew that they were necessary. It was only after adding them that I went on to pick out nursery decor, baby clothes, and toys. But, now that I am a mom, and I have taken the time to do a lot of research about all things baby, I recently learned some surprising facts about diapers and babies.

Did you know that 1-in-3 families struggle with diaper need? That means that 36% of families with at least one child don’t have access to diapers. Let’s really consider this. Diapers are something that we, as parents, use on our babies every day. We use diapers to keep our babies comfortable, clean, and to keep their clothes from irritating their sensitive areas. Diapers are something that we immediately change our babies out of even after there’s a little sprinkle-tinkle in their diaper. We take the dirty ones off, clean our little ones off, put a new one on, and then throw the other in the trash.

It’s upsetting to think that there are families out there who don’t have enough diapers for their babies, which is why I was so excited to hear that ShopRite and Huggies No Baby Unhugged is continuing to work with the National Diaper Bank to provide families with diapers.

When you purchase any Huggies diapers at ShopRite in store or online (click here) through September 28th , a donation of a day’s worth of diapers will be given to a family in need. With a simple purchase of diapers, something that we don’t often think twice about, we can make a big difference in a family’s life.

It’s pretty simple and you’ll need to make the purchase anyway. Let’s be honest, we all need diapers for our babies, so why not purchase diapers that will also lead to diapers being given to another family who needs it. It’s a big impact for a small price.

I know that I’ll be headed to my local ShopRite to stock up on diapers in multiple sizes (because why not stock up and be ready, you’ll use them anyway, especially if your baby is in or headed to daycare) and trigger that donation of diapers! From now on, each time I change my baby, I’ll take a moment to appreciate that I am able to keep him comfortable and clean with Huggies diapers..

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