Diversity in the Influencer Space



There have been so many conversations about the lack of diversity in the influencer space. Many brands have been called out for their white-washed influencer trips and brand campaigns. But, for some reason, even as many are “put on blast” there are brands who refuse to change or ones that change for the moment and then go back to their particular ways. I’ve shared my experience fo working in a non-diverse space and how it has affected me to push for change and inspired me to develop initiatives, create, and to collaborate. And as I continue on the path to spotlight this issue, I wanted to share my most recent video regarding the lack of diversity in the influencer space and what brands, consumers, and other influencers can do to push for change.

In the past few years of speaking on the lack of diversity in many work spaces, I was inspired to take on a variety of projects. Earlier this year, I joined together with a group of diverse bloggers who are as passionate about promoting inclusivity in the influencer space as me and we founded the group the Babes That Wander. And though COVID-19 has halted our ability to travel ( i.e. wander ), we are still moving forward with working with brands to demand change and promote diversity.

The other project, which is almost about to launch, is my eBook that will speak about the Black experience and identity. I know you all are going to love it, and for those who are subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll receive early access to the launch and a discount + special gift when the it is launched. So if you’re not subscribed to my newsletter, make sure you subscribe to the LivingLesh newsletter now.

This video on the lack of diversity in the influencer space provides a lot of context on experiences that I have personally had, what other influencers are doing, and why diversity and inclusivity is so important along with what you can do as a brand, influencer or consumer.

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