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Diy Care Package

We tend to stick with gift-giving during holidays and birthdays, but what about the rest of the year? There are numerous times throughout the year where someone could really use a little pick-me-up so that someone is thinking about them. Care packages are the best things to give during the year and they are pretty simple to put together – plus, people adore getting them because of the personalization. Giving self care packages will brighten anyone’s day and make them feel more loved. That’s why today I want to share with you some tips and ideas for putting together your own DIY care package.

We’re all so busy, and it’s easy to get absorbed in the things happening in our own life, but it’s so important to take the time to look around you and see who in your life might need a bit of extra encouragement. Whether it’s the friend in a tough season of work, the mom juggling a thousand responsibilities, or the family member working hard to get their degree, everyone has a lot going on, and could definitely use a reminder to take a breath and take care of themselves in the midst of the crazy. I love putting together self care packages for friends and family, and I’m so excited to share all of my tips and tricks with you today.

It’s easy to find curated boxes online, but there’s nothing like giving a personal touch. Below are two great suggestions for DIY self care packages that you can put together and send anytime during the year. You can also customize these ideas to be more specific to your friends and family. That’s one of my favorite thing about care packages – they can be so easily tailored to your loved one’s likes and dislikes through tiny swaps and changes. They’re super easy to put together, and just require a little time, a little love, and a quick trip to the store for all the best supplies. I like to order self care package supplies in bulk online so that I can whip one up at a moment’s notice! It makes life so much easier.



I love putting together self care packages, but sometimes I find myself in need of some good care package ideas to really get me going. Self care gifts are some of my favorite to put together because they are quick and easy, and universally beloved – after all, who doesn’t love getting some cozy and comfy gifts to make their day better, whether it’s a birthday gift, a holiday gift, a Christmas gift, or a just-because surprise?

Everyone needs a reminder to treat yourself on occasion, which is why self care packages are some of my favorite gifts to give my loved ones. All it really takes is throwing a few of their favorite things into a basket or gift box, but let’s be honest – I like to be a little bit extra. After all, the people that you love deserve the best, right? 

I’ve become a master of putting together self care gift boxes over the years, and I’m super excited to walk you through my process. Whether you’re helping someone celebrate a holiday or accomplishment or just want to make a regular day in their life bright, I can guarantee that these gift basket tips will be sure to make them smile. Keep reading for all of my best tips and tricks!


When I’m putting together self care packages, I love to put the goodies in a vessel that can be reused. It essentially becomes part of the gift instead of being thrown out like a box would be.

When I have suggested this to others, I have gotten the question “Well, how do you ship this?” And my answer is – the same thing you ship everything else. Once you put your goodies in the basket, put the basket in a box to ship and secure the basket and items with packing. With packing, you’ll maintain your presentation and secure your items. You can always use the packing from the shipping company you are sending with, or there are plenty of packing material options on Amazon. Additionally, depending on where your recipient lives, you can also do a quick drop off!

Here are a few baskets that are available for pick-up or quick shipping that would be great for any DIY care package:

  • Amazon has a variety of baskets for gifts in a variety of styles. I suggest using the storage basket options as it can be used as a storage container for the home of the gift recipient. I especially love the diaper caddy “basket” that would be great to make a DIY care package for a new mom or to give during a baby shower or baby sprinkle. Any of these would arrive quickly with Amazon Prime.
  • The Container Store also has a great assortment of storage baskets that you can buy online or shop in-store and use as your gift basket.


When it comes to being at home, whether someone is working from home or that person is at home and just need a getaway because he or she doesn’t even feel like getting away from the house, but overall, that person really needs some ‘me time’, then this would be the perfect care package. Give your loved one a break from everyday life with some things that will help them relax and unwind. You can fill your basket with items such as:

  • Exfoliating sugar cubes to refresh the skin. The ones from Harper + Ari come in a variety of fragrances and in your care package you can include a jar of just one fragrance or give a variety pack so the recipient can find which one she loves best.
  • A quartz face roller or gua sha to reduce puffiness and improve circulation
  • Candle or oil diffuser
  • Detox bath salts will be amazing for someone who really wants to destress. I have been loving the ones from Goop which come in a variety that is specific to a certain need. My two favorites – emotional detox and bedtime bath soak.
  • Hair towel for keeping hair out of the tub when you don’t want to wash it or for putting it on right after a good hair wash to help it dry more quickly.
  • Face masks or sheet masks – I recommend the sheet masks from Farmacy
  • Body lotion for after the soak since the trick into looking and feeling young and healthy is healthy skin – and the first step to healthy skin is keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated!


There are definitely moments when we all come home and just want to hang out on the couch. After a long day, oftentimes the most appealing thing is staying in and getting a chance to unwind in the peace and quiet of your own home. Even on the weekends, we may not want to go anywhere and date night may be right at home in front of the TV. So for those who just want to snuggle on the couch and stay in, these are some great picks to put in this care package:

  • Sherpa blanket cozy enough for one – or maybe two
  • Snack Kit – there are quite a lot of options that you can go with this. If you’re looking to put the kit into the basket itself, you can order some premade packaged kits and have them shipped to you or order them and have them shipped directly to the recipient’s house. There are bar snack kits from Walmart that are absolutely perfect. Other options are:
  • A wine tumbler or a coffee mug – you can gauge what the person may want to get *wink wink*
  • An assortment of tea 
  • Cozy socks
  • An Amazon Fire TV – you can get the cube or the stick, but I recommend the cube since it also includes Alexa and will give them the ability to play music and even change what they are watching without having to lift a finger ( couple it with Amazon Prime if they don’t have it so they can stream movies and TV shows from Prime )


Diy Self Care Packages
Self Care Packages
Do you have any other themes for a DIY care package that you would love to put together? Share them in the comments below! 


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