A DIY Skincare Gift for the New Year with Walmart+

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With so many people to visit over the holidays, it is likely that you are not just visiting friends and family solely on Christmas Day. There are the days before and then there are the days after, which can be great days to get together and still exchange gifts because gift giving isn’t solely meant for one day in the holiday season.

For quite some time, it has been a tradition in my family to have gatherings after Christmas and on New Year’s Day. So, typically, we tend to save some of the gift exchanging to those days especially if we didn’t get the opportunity to spend Christmas with certain members of our family. And with a lot of my family having different interests, I’ve actually began putting together DIY gift baskets that are built based on one theme, but are pretty to present and give the receiver so many gifts that they can use.

This year, my niece asked for a lot of skincare items for Christmas, and since I won’t be seeing her until after Christmas Day, I decided to put together a DIY Skincare gift basket to give to her this year from our family.

It hasn’t been a secret this year that Walmart+ has been my go-to. And as the holiday season went by, I relied heavily on my membership because I tend to do a lot of shopping online and I don’t often like to leave the house. So with so many gifting items from Walmart, I was able to shop online for many of the gifts this year and have them delivered right to my house for free from our local Walmart. For this DIY skincare gift basket, I used my Walmart+ membership to gather a collection of items for the basket that I was able to get as soon as same day with unlimited free delivery* and free shipping, no order minimum** right to my door (*$35 order minimum. Restrictions apply. **Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges.).

Walmart Gift Basket

Gifts & Groceries From Walmart USING OUR WALMART+ MEMBERSHIP

When I first began my Christmas shopping, I started with Walmart. There are so many gift items for everyone of all ages that it made it super easy to gather gifts for everyone without having to shop multiple places. As much as I love shopping, I am someone who likes to go to only a few places if not just one if I can. Even as I was shopping for gifts, I was able to also order the fresh, high-quality groceries that I needed to make the holiday dinner for Christmas and on the gatherings after Christmas Day. With unlimited free deliveries and prices that you just can’t beat, it was truly a time saver to be able to go on Walmart.com and put all the gifts and groceries that I needed this holiday season into one cart to have delivered to me for free ($35 order min.  Restrictions apply.).

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Whether you are buying gifts for your friends or family or for co-workers, teachers, or other people in your community to give to them in the New Year, a DIY gift basket is the way to go. I’ve always gotten so many compliments on the gift baskets that I have put together and created for others, and you can pick a theme specifically to go with the interests of the person you are giving the basket to. If you’re stuck on creating your own or need a little inspiration, here are a few gift basket ideas with items that you can shop at Walmart.

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    cleanser, moisturizer, lip scrub, bath bomb, body lotion, face steamer, aroma therapy candle, snacks, skincare fridge, face roller, toner, face masks
    tea/coffee cups, fuzzy blanket, candles, diffuser, tea press, record player, wine glasses, home decor, vinyl records, kitchen necessities, snacks, fuzzy socks
    Bluetooth speaker, vinyl records, record player, noise canceling headphones, Spotify subscription, cozy blanket
    champagne flutes, orange juice, juice pitcher, apple cider, oranges, champagne, grapefruit juice, apples, grapefruit, breakfast cookies
    coffee/tea cups, hot chocolate bombs, Sherpa blanket, cookies, candle, Sherpa slippers

If you aren’t someone who wants to do the DIY thing, there are some great pre-made gift baskets that you can also grab at Walmart and have the baskets delivered free using your Walmart+ membership. So as you are getting ready for the new year and need a few last-minute gifts to give those who you didn’t see on Christmas Day, try the DIY basket or even, get them their own Walmart+ membership that they can use all year. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving!

Walmart Diy Skincare Gift Basket
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