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Dolman Sweater Winter

When it comes to styling outfits during the winter, most of us are looking for pieces that are great for keeping us warm and also great for layering. As I have been adding some pieces to may closet that are great for layering and also being pieces that are super comfortable while along being able to stand on their own, I found the dolman sweater. The dolman sweater is a trendy piece that you can find within various brands. The sweater featured in this post, I snagged from Abercrombie and they had a variety of different fits of the the dolman sweater in a variety of colors.

This style of sweater is a sweater that fits a variety of different body types and looks good on each and every person. You can dress it up or dress it down and it’s great for laying over different pieces. It’s a sweater that is one that you should make a part of your essential wardrobe for both the Fall and the Winter, and one that you should get creative with when styling it in different ways. In this post, I’m going to be sharing some details about this trendy sweater and giving you some tips on styling the sweater for various occasions.

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Dolman Sweater Winter


WHAT IS A Dolman Sweater?

The dolman sweater that gets its name from the sleeve. The sleeve is a sleeve that is winder at the top and is narrow at the wrist or elbow. Depending on when it gets narrow, it can show off your arms in a very great way and also accentuate your frame. This type of sweater is one that has actually been around for quite some time, but hasn’t always been one of the trendiest pieces. In the recent year, the dolman sweater became a great trend for the winter season especially as the overall style itself became something that trends in other seasons as well. Dolman is not only just a sweater style but is a general top style for women which means that you can find dolman as a style in a variety of different tops because the sleeves can be either long or elbow length.

This sweater style is one that you’ll find in various fits and sweater lengths. Meaning you can find it as a crop top or an oversized top. You can also find the dolman sleeve sweater and other dolman tops with a variety of necklines. I have quite a few dolman sweaters in different necklines including off the shoulder, mock neck and turtleneck. I love the way each of the sweaters fits and are able to be styled with a variety of different bottoms and accessories to complete the the look.

Bare Shoulder Dolman Sweater
Dolman Sweater Abercrombie Off The Shoulder Winter
  • Off The Shoulder Dolman Sweater
  • Dolman Sweater Winter Off The Shoulder
  • Dolman Sweater Winter Bare Shoulder
  • Dolman Sweater Abercrombie Off The Shoulder
  • Dolman Sweater Off The Shoulder
  • Dolman Sweater Winter Abercrombie


As you would prepare to style any look, when you’re looking to style your dolman sweater, you want to first start by considering what the occasion is that you are styling your look for. Since the main consistency with this sweater is the the sleeves, you have ways to create different looks by choosing different colors, lengths and necklines. One of the tips that I give when styling this sweater is to stick with basic colors and not-so-busy prints. Some of the prints that you may find in this style can be a little too much, especially when matching them with specific bottoms. This classic sweater is meant to create a classic, chic look, so focus on neutral colors and tones to create your classic dolman sweater look. Below you’ll find some of the top style tips for styling this sweater with the occasions that you can wear the looks for and the pieces to pair the sweater with.

    A mini skirt with a pair of sheer tights is a great way to dress a dolman sweater up for a more dressier look, while also keeping it slightly casual. With the style of a dolman sweater, the best mini skirt would be a plaid mini skirt with an A-line fit or a bodycon mini skirt. Color match your skirt with the dolman sweater and style it with nude or black sheer tights for a classic look.
    For a super casual go-to style with a dolman sweater, style it with a pair of denim and a pair of knee high or over the knee boots. This classic casual style is great for various occasions during the Winter season such as for date nights and happy hours. Depending on the color of your sweater, you can color match the shade of denim and the boots you decide to match with it.
    You’ll find the dolman sweater in variety of necklines which gives you the ability to show off your neckline or add a oversized blanket scarf. The blanket scarf is a great way to add another layer on the casual dolman sweater look with denim and jeans. If your dolman sweater is more printed, go with a one colored, no print scarf and if your sweater is one color, spice things up with a plaid or printed scarf.
    One of the favored looks for a dressy casual look during the winter is the layered sweater over a dress. With this style, you can make two pieces look like one. My favorite way to style a dolman sweater with a dress is to get a off the shoulder dolman sweater in a one toned color and then layer it over a strappy satin midi or maxi dress. This is a great look for wearing as a wedding guest or to a semi-formal event.
    For a workwear type look, style your dolman sweater with a pair of tailor pants a pair of flat shoes such as mules. The look with have you looking chic and stylish during the winter season. A great way to style this type of look is to create a monochromatic look that is broken up with a different toned belt. For example, you can match the sweater featured in this post with a pair of tailored pants of the same color and belt it with a brown belt with a gold buckle. And then find a pair of shoes that are also of the same tone as the sweater and pants that also has a gold buckle to tie it into the belt.
    For a great winter date night look or for going out for evening cocktail, add a midi or maxi bodycon skirt and tuck in the hem of the sweater to create a completed chic and form fitting look. For a flashy and stunning look, try going with a sequin skirt to add a little bit of flair.
Abercrombie Winter Dolman Sweater
Dolman Sweater Abercrombie
Doman Sweater


This trendy sweater can be shopped at so many stores. Some of my favorite places to shop for this trendy sweater is Abercrombie, Lulus and Anthropologie. These three stores, even with different aesthetics, carry the sweater in a variety of styles and fits that are perfect for a variety of body types. Below, I’ve rounded up a collection of dolman sweaters in various styles and colors for you to shop and add to your closet.

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Abercrombie Dolman Sweater
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