Valentine’s Day Dress Code: What to Wear for Valentine’s Day

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It’s not a secret that red and pink have been the go-to color for Valentine’s Day. But what if you’re someone who is not truly into just wearing those two colors? Well, that means that it’s time to officially learn about the Valentine’s Day Dress Code and discover the other variants of colors that you can wear for Valentine’s Day.

For many people Valentine’s Day usually means sticking with the general color scheme, but there’s a little known fact that the colors you wear on Valentine’s Day actually relates to your personality and even your relationship status.

If you’re really looking to get into Valentine’s Day, it’s definitely worth learning what each color means so that you can determine what to wear to any of the outings that you may be attending or any of the Valentine’s Day dates that you may be taking with your significant other or your friends.

In this post, I’m going to break down the Valentine’s Day dress code and their color meanings and also give you some ideas of looks to wear for Valentine’s Day that align with the Valentine’s Day dress code.

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  • RED
    As we know, red is one of the universal colors of love and it highly seen during Valentine’s Day. As a part of the dress code on Valentine’s Day, red means that you are currently in a relationship. So when you think about how when someone gives a red rose to another, it is a display of love and commitment – a connection to the meaning of the color itself.
  • PINK
    The color pink, another common color on Valentine’s Day, mans that you have accepted a proposal. So in a sense, it is connecting to the newness of a committed relationship that is blossoming into a wedded marriage. I like to think that it’s like how when you add white to red. Red is when you’re in a relationship, and when you add white like a bride, you get pink.
    You often also see a lot of white on Valentine’s Day, and when you look into white as being a part of the dress code it connects to being “reserved” or the fact that you have accepted a proposal and you’re on your way to being married. So it all makes sense as to why brides wear white throughout their entire engagement period.
  • BLUE
    According to the Valentine’s Day dress code, blue symbolizes that you are open to love. I like to connect it to the color water. Water is open and there are so many possibilities, it can change color, it can change state, it can do a multitude of things because it is open to the possibilities, just like how if you’re open to accepting love, you’re open to those possibilities.
    Green mean that you are waiting for someone to propose to you. You’re essentially wearing a open symbol telling someone that you are ready to GO to the next step in the relationship and move towards marriage.
    In the Valentine’s Day dress code, the color orange symbolizes that you are about to propose to someone. So look out for any hints to see if you’re partner is wearing orange on Valentine’s Day. That person may be telling you something subtly before it actually happens.
    Yellow is a color you wear when you’ve just come out of a relationship. And like it’s other meaning of slowing down, it connects to that fact that you’re just moving out of something and need to take a moment to slow down and pause before you move towards another relationship.
    The color brown means that you have a broken heart. It connects to sadness and maybe even the idea of feeling light dirt since you are in such a yucky state and feeling the sadness of being broken up with.
  • GREY
    Within the Valentine’s Day dress code, grey means that you’re just not interested in pursuing any type of relationship. You’re at a good state with yourself and you don’t have any other colors to wear to symbolize any type of relationship status or the readiness for another one.
    The color black is a color that you can wear on Valentine’s Day and according to the dress code it means that you’re not interested in love and may have even rejected a recent proposal because it’s not something that you’re ready for right in this moment.

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What I Like to Wear ON VALENTINE’S DAY

On Valentine’s Day, I often like to wear a lot of red like this lace red dress. For the most part, red is a color that suits my skin tone, but it also shows how in love and committed I am to my husband, who often wear red along with me for our Valentine’s Day dates. Since Valentine’s Day is a cold day for us in the northeast, I usually try to find dresses that are long-sleeved. I’ll vary a little with the length of the dress and the fit, but I try to at least keep my arms covered to maintain some warmth. And then for going out, I’ll style a date night winter coat to keep me warm while traveling from home to wherever my husband plans for us to go.

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When styling the Valentine’s Day dress code, you first and foremost want to pick the color that goes along with your status and personality, but after that, the style you wear should compliment you. There are a variety of shades in all of the colors that you are wearing, so try to pick a shade that compliments your skin tone. For example, I like to go with darker shades of red in stead of muted tones of red because it blends well with my tone and creates a contrast. If I were to wear pink when I was first engaged, I would wear a darker more rose gold shade instead of a blush color as it tended to was me out. Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Two of the Valentine’s Day dress code colors represent being engaged, so go ahead and mix and match pink and white. Go even a little further and mix and match some prints in order to add additional elements to your outfit.

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