How to Dress for Your Engagement Shoot

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13130885 10154002416406163 2096707543065673066 OI will be bluntly honest – when my fiance and I started putting together our engagement shoot plans with our photographer, the first thought that ran through my mind was: “What am I going to wear!?!”

It was almost every day that I said something to my fiance about our wardrobe and what we should wear. I even talked to him about scheduling a day for us to go to the mall to pick out an outfit together or to have one of us get one and the other just match with the clothes that we already had. It was stressful, and it didn’t have to be.

Our photos came out wonderfully, and if I were to change anything, I would change the fact that I made this huge deal about something that really was pretty simple. But you might be like me, and you’re at the point where you are preparing for your engagement shoot, and you just don’t know what to wear. So, I want to share with you a few tips for dressing for your engagement shoot.

Tip #1: Don’t match each other exactly.

This was a tip that I picked up from my photographer. He explained to us that by matching in exact colors causes the photos to look staged and unnatural. And the purpose of your engagement shoot is to capture the natural love that is between you and your fiance.

When my fiance and I decided on what to wear, we went with neutral tones fit for the season and where we were going. He wore a basic grey while I went with a peach tone. His basic color allowed us to match but not exactly match. It made it look as if someone captured us on an average day just enjoying each other’s company.

Tip #2: Work with your landscape.

My fiance and I had picked out our engagement shoot location, we went with a place that would show off us and would go with the feel that we wanted to integrate into our wedding.

Once you figure out your location, let the location dictate what you are going to wear. For us, we went with a look that was natural and fit with the park atmosphere. You want to pick outfits that blend with the landscape so that you don’t look out of place in it.

So if you’re taking pictures in a barn, maybe wear a nice dress or a plaid t-shirt and rock those cowboy boots that you love so much. By connecting with your landscape, you will narrow down your outfit choices and make the process of picking out what you want to wear a little easier.

Tip #3: Don’t over-do it.

I am a person that does like accessories, and for my engagement shoot, I did wear a set of earrings and a necklace. But I kept it basic. If you’re a person who likes carrying your handbag everywhere and wearing big, flashy jewelry – maybe consider leaving it a home for the engagement shoot.

Remember, you will be wearing this for hours and carrying it everywhere that you go as you walk around the location to take pictures.

Also, realize that you don’t want your jewelry to be the center of attention in the picture. You want you and your love to take the center stage and that jewelry will not only block your face, but block you significant other’s as well.

Tip #4: Mind what you are wearing.

There are two things that I had to consider when picking out my outfit. The first one was my shoes. During an engagement shoot, there is a high chance that you will be doing a lot of walking. So the last thing that you want to do is wear shoes that you can only stand in for 15 minutes. You won’t get far and it will be an unpleasant experience for you, your fiance, and the photographer. Take it as practice for your wedding.

The other aspect that I hand to consider dealt with an aspect my fiance and I decided to integrate into our engagement photos. We decided to purchase customized shirts that went with our theme and included our date. The t-shirts that we purchased dictated that I had to wear jeans that would match the look of the shirt. So essentially, this further narrowed down what I could and couldn’t wear.

Tip #5: Be you.

Make sure that your outfit shows off who you are. If you are a person who doesn’t ever wear a dress, don’t decide to wear one just for this occasion. These photos are about you and your fiance and who you two are personally.

You want people looking at your photos to say, “Yes, that is so them!” Because these pictures are going to capture who you two are…in that moment…at that time.

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My Outfit: Peach Top – Primark | Skinny Jeans – American Eagle |
Tan Lazer Cut Heels – Charlotte Russe | Jewelry – House of Harlow (Necklace) & Kendra Scott (Earrings) | Engagement Ring – Zales

His Outfit: Grey Short Sleeved Buttow Down – Primark | Jeans – Hollister |

Custom Shirts by: EpicTees4You

Photos By: Anton Drummond Photography

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