What Does It Mean to “Dress Your Age”?

Summer Chic

Summer Chic

I’m just now heading into my late 20s. And I will admit that my early 20s taught me a lot about life and prepared me as I start heading further into adulthood. Each year became almost like a theme because every year, I heard the same phrase told me to over and over again. Last year, it was the “aren’t you so excited to be getting married?” Granted, I was about to get married.

This year, I’ve been hearing one that’s been a little flattering but also somewhat troubling. This past year, I’ve heard a mixture of “you dress well for your age” and “you dress so well, how old are you?” With each time someone asked me this, I would smile and say thank you. But that begs the question: what does it mean to dress your age? 

I have never walked into a store and saw sections labeled by age. And I’ve never seen on the window of a store that the store is only for people in a certain age bracket. Yes, I do believe that at some point, my maturity realized that those bright neon shirts with slogans on them weren’t appropriate for work. But I also realize that my body changed and my personality changed and that’s what matters. There’s no age to fashion.

My sister and I are about 7 years a part and share clothes. We are two different point in our lives, but our sense of what we like fashion wise is still the same. And even when we shop with our mom, there are things that we all say that we would wear.

And I will admit, I still have outfits that I had from college and even some pieces that I can still fit in from high school. Those pieces that I have do not assign me to my age, they connect to me and my personal style.

So don’t let anyone tell you that you should dress your age. You don’t wake up and get dressed for them. Wear what represents you and flaunt your confidence, because that is the best piece of clothing you’ll ever wear – no matter your age.


Top – Express // Shorts – American Eagle // Shoes – Nordstrom Rack // Watch – c/o Klasse14 (use code ‘livinglesh’ for a special discount)

{{Photos by Stephanie Vasilidias}}

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