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I will start off by saying that I love trying out new makeup and trends, but I’m also a big advocate of a fresh skin, no make-up look. Though, for many years, I wasn’t someone who felt comfortable going out without makeup on. Eventually, I realized that in order to feel confident in my own skin, I needed to take care of my skin which then led me to developing some great skincare routines. One of my recent skincare routines that I have loved is my Drunk Elephant Skincare routine. Though, typically, when I go through any skincare routine, I use different products, there are quite a few moments when I’ve stuck to one brand just to see how the collection works well together.

When I first heard about the Drunk Elephant brand, I was a little hesitant to try it out. First, it’s because the prices on some of the products can be on the higher side, and second, I had only heard of people using the products for dry or oily skin. Being someone with combination skin, I am always hesitant when a product or skincare line is targeted or only used by one type of skin. But eventually I dove in and found out that these products are actually worth the price and work for combination skin. In this post, I’ll be sharing my Drunk Elephant skincare routine and share with you my review on each of the products that I use in my daytime skincare routine and nighttime skincare routine.

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Drunk Elephant Skincare Routine
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Before I got into my Drunk Elephant skincare routine, I want to first share with you a little about my skin and my day to day. Let’s first start off by saying that I have combination skin. I have dry patches and oily patches on my skin and depending on what my hormones are doing, I occasionally get breakouts that I try to make disappear in less than a week. My skin has fluctuated over my life, and like many teenagers, I had really bad skin in my teens. Over the years, I was able to combat breakouts and mediate hormonal breakouts with creating a well balanced skincare routine and also knowing how my body works.

For my day to day, I tend to wake up super early and go to bed pretty early too. As a mom, I try to follow my son’s sleeping schedule so that I can be up and energized when he’s up and ready to head to school. In the mornings, I tend to try to get my skincare routine done in less than 10 minutes since there’s tons to be done before my little guy needs to be off to school and I need to be signed in for work. At night, I have a little more time, but I’m usually super sluggish so I try not to go over 20 minutes for my night time routine.


The first step of my skincare routine, whether in the morning or at night, starts with cleansing my skin. I start with the Drunk Elephant Jelly cleanser which is easy on my skin and non-abrasive. You can use this cleanser on wet or dry skin, but I prefer to wet my face first then add about a quarter size drop to my fingertips and begin rubbing it into my skin to create a light lather before rinsing.


Full coverage makeup that has been on all day or if you’ve done touch ups throughout the day and layered on, tends to get a little caked on. Without using a precleanse, use the cleanser on dry skin and rub the cleanser in to breakup the caked on makeup before adding water and lathering. You may have to do a rinse in repeat depending on how much makeup is on. Also, you may want to have a eye makeup remover at hand to remove access eye makeup.

Drunk Elephant


This jelly cleanser is a cleanser that isn’t super abrasive and is light on the skin. You’ll find that when applying, you won’t feel that it is stripping your skin but cleaning and nourishing it to start off your healthy skincare routine. With a unique blend of mild ingredients, the gentle formula dissolves makeup and dirt without leaving any residue, buildup, or leaving your skin super dry.



The second step of my Drunk Elephant skincare routine involves using their serums. After getting my faced fully cleansed and then patting my skin dry, I gently rub in a serum. For the morning, I use the C-Firma Fresh Vitamin-C Day Serum and at night, I’m using the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. For either serum, I’m only using one pump and with my fingertips, I’m gently patting and rubbing in the serum to work it into my skin.

For those who are using it for the first time, you may feel a little bit of tingling, especially if you haven’t used products with Vitamin-C or Glycolic acid in your routine before. For me, the first time that I used a Vitamin-C serum, I felt a slight tingle and some warmth. That is totally normal, but if you’re a little nervous, start by testing these serums with a patch test to see how your skin will react to it. Or you can start with a Vitamin-C moisturizer which is less abrasive and gives you the same results.

Another note when applying these serums is that you should let the serums absorb before applying your moisturizer. I tend to like to cleanse then apply the serums and then brush my teeth while the serums absorb before continuing my routine.

Drunk Elephant


The C-Firma™ Fresh Day Serum is a Vitamin-C serum that is powerful serum that doesn’t overwhelm your skin. The formula is packed with a number of acids that work to reveal brighter, firmer, and more even looking complexion. It hydrates and soothes your skin while working to dissolve dead skin cells that will leave your skin light noticeably brighter and more engergized.

Drunk Elephant


With a number of acids blended together evenly to do wonders for your skin, this night serum helps to curb excess oiliness and promote clarity of your skin. Working almost instantly, you’ll find that the serum helps to increase absorption in your skin so that the other product that you are using have maximum effect.



After I have let my serums absorb, I move on to moisturizing my skin. Though the cleanser and the serums never leave my skin feeling dried out, I know that a moisturizer is essential to any skincare routine. And with the serums helping to absorb product, I want to make sure that I am adding back any oils that may have been removed during cleansing and maximizing hydration as much as possible.

For this step, I’m suing the Lala Retro Whipped Cream moisturizer. It’s a cream moisturizer that goes on super smooth and isn’t too thick. I apply about one pump of the moisturizer to my face and neck and let it absorb before either going onto my next step for my day routine or calling it a night for my nighttime routine.

Drunk Elephant


The Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream moisturizer is a great cream for different types of skin, but does wonders for dry skin. It’s a rescue cream that puts back essential oils into  your skin and replenishes the barrier so that you skin not only stays moisturized but defended against everyday stressers.  The long lasting moisturizer helps to combat signs of aging and provides a night fresh glow to your face so that you’ll feel like you can ditch your foundation for the day.



As a final step in my day time skincare routine, I apply the Umbra Sheer Daily Defense Sunscreen. With an SPF30, it’s a great sunscreen for day to day use no matter the weather. Though many people think that you only need sunscreen during the warmer days, sunscreen is a must for any day that the sun is out. I apply this as soon as my moisturizer is absorbed.

A dime sized shop will do and won’t leave your skin feeling greasy or with residue. I tend to apply this to my face and then wait at least 10 minutes before applying any makeup just to make sure that I allow the product to absorb and create a barrier. If I am applying makeup for the day, I still put on a base before applying any foundation to keep my skin even more protected.

Drunk Elephant


The Umbra Sheer™ Physical Daily Defense is a daily sunscreen that you add on top of your daily moisturizer to combat the suns rays and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. The sunscreen applies evenly and does not leave behind any residue or greasiness. Great for all skin types this is a must for your daily skincare routine.


MY Drunk Elephant Skincare REVIEW

As someone who is very particular on skincare products that either don’t work or are overpriced for what they do, I do feel that Drunk Elephant is right on par with the price point and how good the products are for targeting the different skincare concerns each product does say that it targets. I will admit that as I go through my day to day routine, I have not stayed consistent with using Drunk Elephant exclusively, but that also shows that these products work well in combination with other products that you may already be used to using and love. Some of the other products that I have used in the Drunk Elephant brand is the eye cream and facial oil. These skincare products weren’t for me as I already have a eye cream that I stick with day in and day out, and I don’t tend to use facial oils as much because I feel that the moisturizer does what it needs to and adds back oil to my skin and I don’t want to add anything extra.

But as you consider Drunk Elephant products for your skincare routine, don’t turn away from the products because of the price point. Though some of the products are higher than other products you may find at your beauty store or in a beauty section at a department store, these products do last awhile because you don’t need to use a lot of product when applying.



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