A Blowout to Beauty – My DryBar Experience

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Thank you to DryBar for having me at the new Ardmore location and providing me with a complimentary blowout. Opinions are 100% my own. Drybar Ardmore

Last week, I had the amazing privilege of going to the grand opening of DryBar in Ardmore. When I received the invitation for a complimentary blow, I was somewhat hesitant, but excited at the same time. Let me explain…

I’ve never had a blowout in my life. The reason is that I’ve never seen pictures from salons that offer blowouts that showed customers with my hair texture. For the past few years, I’ve been working very hard to improve the health of my hair. So when it comes to someone touching it or applying at the type of heat, I think very long and hard about the decision.

When I received the invitation, I immediately looked up the styles that DryBar offered. I mean, I had heard of many people who went to DryBar and had an amazing experience, but I never talked to someone who had my hair texture.

Upon looking at the styles that were offered, I was very stunned to find pictures of women who had my hair texture. And their hair looked amazing. So at that moment, I took the word of my friends who had went and the pictures that featured women with my hair texture and went for my blowout.

Walking into the Ardmore DryBar gave me an immediate impression that this experience was going to be a positive one. Everything is open, the staff is very friendly, and the decor makes you feel like you’re not in a typical salon but one that is there to make you look and feel good.

After being checked in, I was offered water, a mimosa, or champagne – you don’t get that at many salons. And then after waiting for only about five minutes, my hairstylist came and introduced herself and brought me to her station (which was at a bar-like set up) and had me pick the style that I wanted to get that day.

Drybar Cosmo Tai

I chose the Cosmo-Tai for my hairstyle. To me, it has the summer look that I wanted to go for and looked like it would be a good choice for my hair texture and my length.

Immediately after, I was taken back to the wash station to have my hair washed.

As my stylist washed my hair, she shared with me the products that she was using and why she was using (the main one being Blonde Ale to add hydration). She was very specific about talking about the benefits to my hair texture which made me feel like she was knowledgeable about my hair – which, in the end, made me feel very comfortable.

One specific thing that I enjoyed about the DryBar wash station was the comfortable way that the chairs are set up and how the edge of the washbowl supports and doesn’t aggravate your neck. Plus, you get to put your feet up while they wash your hair.

If the hairstylist wasn’t talking to me, I probably would have fallen asleep.

Hair Care Drybar Products

After a very comfortable wash, we went back to the bar to start my blowout. My stylist applied a collection of products [ Velvet Hammer // Hot Toddy // Prep Rally ] that worked to de-tangle and protect my hair. Again, she explained the benefits that these products had to the texture of my hair, and I felt them. When she went to comb my hair out, I didn’t feel like she was pulling every strand out of my head.

So as she continued, I began to get less worried and sat back and sipped on my mimosa.

The entire process was fun and enjoyable. I didn’t feel like my hair was being tortured, and after finishing my mimosa, I was offered another type of drink. It is like you are sitting at the bar getting your hair done and people are waiting to serve you.

That’s being pampered.

Drybar IMG 4766 Blowout

At the end of the blowout, I was in love with my look. My hair stylist made me feel completely comfortable the entire time – to the point where I didn’t feel like I had to be checking the mirror every five seconds to see how my hair was coming.

In the end, my blowout was an amazing experience. My hair felt soft and, even today, still feels extra soft.

Of course, the curls have fallen but the some instance of the waves still remain. If I were to curl my hair back up, I would most likely be able to get the look back due to how well the blowout holds.

Drybar Blowout IMG 4770

I loved how my hair turned out.

At the end of the experience my hair stylist shared with me all the products that she used, so that I could take them home and use them myself.

But because of how enjoyable the experience went, I most likely will just go back and have them do blowouts over an over again.

I’m definitely looking into that BarFly membership which includes two blowouts a month. The package isn’t that expensive and if you’re like me, and will end up getting a blowout every two weeks then it is definitely worth it as you will save money in the long run and receive a free blowout on your birthday. No need to worry about your hair on that day – it’s already taken care of.

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