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Prints are a great way to stand out in the crowd. Over the years, I’ve played with a variety of prints, experimenting and learning what I like and why. I usually consider the season, what I am pairing the print with, and how it connects with the specific occasion. Last month, I shared how to style printed pants for any season, and now I want to share some easy ways of styling a polka dot top and other polka dotted pieces.

Polka dots are one of my favorite patterns to wear as they are so timeless, lighthearted, and fun. You can style polka dots for a more retro look, or you can choose to style them in such a way as to look more modern and current. They’re playful, and add a pop to any outfit that I love. Sometimes patterns can feel daunting to style, but I’m here to share why you should feel free to embrace polka dots. Keep reading for all of my best tips and tricks!

Polka Dot Duster


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Polka dot patterns come in all shapes and sizes. Each size and shape helps to accentuate different aspects when it comes to personal style, so it’s important to find the polka dot pattern that works best for you. All polka dots are not made the same! You want to learn which polka dots you feel best in so that you can select pieces of clothing you will love.

For me, when a piece of clothing is on the larger size, like this duster, I like to stick with smaller sized polka dots. The size of the polka dots in contrast with the larger size of the piece of clothing helps to create movement, which is exactly what I am looking for in a duster of this size. I love the flow of this piece, and the polka dots really accentuate the movement in a way that I think looks great. For other pieces of clothing that may be on the smaller side, such as a bodysuit, blouse, or sweater, I would typically wear larger polka dots to make the body size seem smaller. It’s all a matter of the piece!

You will often find that pieces of clothing with smaller polka dots are patterned in such a way that the dots are closer together, while pieces of clothing with bigger polka dots have the dots more spaced out within the pattern. There is a purpose to that: it’s all about accentuating the shape of your body and making it look as flattering on you as possible. 

When I am shopping for polka dot patterned pieces, I try to make sure that I’m not planning to combine those polka dot pieces with other printed pieces of clothing. You want to be careful not to create too busy of a look, and you want to make sure that you are making the polka dot piece the central item of the look. Think of it as the piece that you are shaping the rest of the outfit around – your statement item, if you will. Polka dot tops are such fun pieces that you want to make sure that you don’t take away from them by trying to incorporate other patterned pieces.

There are so many fun polka dot patterned styles out there that create unique looks you’ll love. Trust me – there’s no reason to fear polka dots! Embrace the fun and let yourself enjoy wearing a piece you’ll love. 


If you’re shopping for a great polka dot shirt this season, you may be wondering what to keep in mind as you do so – what you should be looking for and what you should be trying to avoid. There are a few key tips that I try to keep in mind when I shop for polka dot shirts, and I want to make sure to share those tips with you today.


Just because you’re shopping for a pattern doesn’t mean that all of your color knowledge should go out the window! In fact, it’s more important than ever. Patterns can easily become overwhelming, but by shopping for pieces in colors that you already know you’ll look good in, you can feel confident that the piece will be flattering. 


The great thing about polka dots is that they are so timeless, they can be found in every cut and style of clothing. Knowing that, you can be picky and make sure that you’re shopping for polka dots in a cut that most flatters your body. If you prefer loose fitting clothing, look for a flowy top with a fun polka dot pattern! Or if you’re into the crop top trend, shop for a polka dot crop top instead. There are endless options for you!


When I saw this duster, it was love at first sight. I instantly loved how fun and stylish it was, and knew that I needed it in my closet. As I mentioned before, this duster is definitely a statement piece, so I knew when I was styling it that I needed to make it the central part of my look – I didn’t need the other parts of my outfit to be too bold or crazy as they were really just there to compliment the duster. 

Basic shirts are thankfully pretty easy to come by, and I knew I would want to lean on something neutral and simple to wear underneath this bold duster. I decided to go with this carmel colored bodysuit as it was a great basic piece and wouldn’t have a chunky sleeve to worry about navigating underneath the long sleeves of the duster. I think that it pairs really nicely with the black and white of the duster, and it compliments the look well without taking away from the central piece.

Simple jeans were a must for this look, so I grabbed my favorite skinny jeans. Finally, I finished the look off with one of my go-to pairs of sandals. As I said, I knew that styling this look wouldn’t be too tricky – when you have a great black and white polka dot top like this duster, you don’t need anything crazy to go with it – you just want to make the main piece shine!

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