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As you all know, I am someone who loves to wear florals. And you’ve heard me say this before, I don’t think that florals should be limited to the warmer weather months. Floral print pieces deserve to be worn year round! That’s why I want to share with you today some of my fall floral top looks and styling ideas to inspire you to fill your own closet with florals this season.

Florals don’t have to be a seasonal pattern. You just have to think about how to style them properly. With the right tips and tricks used, you can make florals look great in any season. The color palette also comes into play when creating floral outfits for different seasons. If you pay attention to other seasonal cues, you will find that you’re creating great floral outfits all year long.

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For this fall floral outfit, I wanted to bring some of the light colors of spring into the fall season. Sometimes I want a break from the autumn color palette, and this top felt like the perfect way to switch things up a bit.

The long-sleeved, square neck top is the highlight of the look. If you didn’t know, the square neck is one of the biggest trends for tops as of lately. I recently snagged a few square-necked tops myself which you can see and shop on my “My Closet” page. I love the clean lines of square tops, and the full sleeves of this top are a fun soft contrast.

I decided to style this floral blouse with a brown base to bring it back to the autumn season, as brown and tan are iconically fall colors. I went with the nude heels to keep the colors of the look light, and then contrasted them with a pair of dark wash jeans. Any time that you wear a light colored top, I highly recommend a dark wash jean since it creates deep contrast and makes the entire outfit pop. That’s not to say that light wash jeans are bad with a light colored top or that the two pieces can’t be worn together, but in my opinion, it doesn’t give the same effect.


Knowing how to style floral pieces for fall can be tricky. This is why many people believe that it can’t be done and floral pieces should be left for the warmer months. I, however, stand firmly in the camp that florals should be worn year-round – and designers seem to agree with me, as I’ve been discovering more and more floral pieces designed specifically for the fall and winter seasons in recent years.

I’ve found some fantastic picks, and I’m so excited to share them with you here on the blog. Check out some of my favorite fall floral options below, and keep reading for my best tips on styling floral pieces for the fall and winter seasons.

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Think floral pieces are reserved for the warm-weather months? Think again. I have a handful of tips and tricks for you to keep you styling floral pieces all year long. Different kinds of flowers grow in different seasons – why shouldn’t your closet reflect that?


The biggest thing to keep in mind when styling floral looks for the fall and winter seasons is that it’s all in the colors you use. Nowadays, designers are releasing floral prints specifically for the cooler weather months. These patterns feature more seasonal colors, such burgundy, plum, burnt orange, forest green, deep blue, black, or dark brown. Lighter accents of cream or yellow may come into play as well. By wearing floral patterns in seasonal colors, you are keeping with the vibe of the season while still getting to integrate the floral prints that you love so much!


When styling looks for the fall and winter months, you always want to layer your outfits as much as possible. Layering adds a cool-weather feel to pieces that might not be initially intended for fall or winter, making it the perfect way to style florals throughout the year. Whether you’re wearing a tank top under a big sweater and letting the floral strap stick out or wearing a long sleeve top under a denim jacket or fun vest, there are so many ways to layer your clothing for the season. Your floral shirt can instantly take on a fall or winter touch when paired with a fun jacket and scarf, adding a pop of color to the look. I also love pairing dresses with tights and boots to give pieces that I might not be able to wear in the harsher weather a new life.


As you piece together a wardrobe that is filled with florals all year round, shop pieces and collections from stores that are selling florals year round as well! They have the same vision as you do and, as such, will have pieces that fit the look you’re going for. If you aren’t seeing floral prints in the colder months as you shop at regular stores around your town, don’t be afraid to turn to online shopping instead. Many offer free shipping, and, as a plus, online sellers tend to have a wider range of sizes and prices, so whether you’re plus sized or petite, you can find clothes that will fit your body and your budget. I love checking the sale sections of my favorite online stores – I’m rarely disappointed!

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