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When the summer begins coming to an end and the temperature starts dropping, we all start looking for our fall wardrobe essentials which includes the different pieces that we must have to not only say warm and comfy during the colder months, but also pieces that allow us to create different looks for the various occasions such as weddings, date night, parties, and holiday events throughout the Fall.

With so many trends that come and go throughout each season, some of us may look for a little guidance as to what to add to our fall wardrobe and what pieces are worth the splurge because they will be a piece that can be worn year after year. In this post, I’m providing a guide as to what pieces you should add to your Fall wardrobe this year and for years to come that will fit your own personal style.


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Let me start off by saying that I’m not going to be breaking down specific trends for the year, but instead sharing the essential fall wardrobe pieces that you should have in your closet that you can wear to match various trends that happen during the Fall. Though, typically, colors and styles tend to stay that same each Fall, there are some trends that fade away as well as ones that come back to which you can take these essential Fall pieces and match the current trend that you may see.

Some key tips for putting your fall wardrobe together is to not feel that you need to load up on all of these pieces all at once, and if you choose to splurge on any items, make sure that you head into that purchase with the view that you’re going to be able to wear that splurge-worthy piece for years to come. For example, I decided to splurge on a coat this season that I really wanted, but I know that the coat is something that I will wear for many years.

Additionally, as you are purchasing some of the pieces, try not to purchase Fall outfits that are super skin tight. The Fall season is the season where you may be eating those apple cider donuts, indulging at Thanksgiving dinner, and also spending nights around the fire with a glass of beer or cider which means that you want to have a little give in some of your clothes so that you don’t feel uncomfortable after eating or drinking.

In this guide, I’ll be providing insight into what pieces you need in your closet this season along with some inspiration for pieces to buy that have match the Fall trends year in and year out. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, make sure to also head to my Amazon storefront to find more outfit ideas and Fall home essentials as well as gift guides.



Tan coats are an essential for your Fall wardrobe. The neutral tones allow for blending with so many different pieces that you layer underneath and they are great to style for a variety of different occasions. I always suggest to get a tan coat or camel coat in different lengths, but if you are aiming to just get one, go with a long coat in the neutral tone because it layers well over dresses as well as outfits with a top and complimentary bottom.


For the times when you want to show off your bottoms and shoes having a cropped jacket is always a great thing to have. Having a cropped jacket pairs perfectly with high waisted bottoms and dresses, and gives an optimal fashion illusion and makes you look taller because it elongates your legs. One of my favorite cropped jackets is my Sherpa lined jacket from Abercrombie that goes well with my Fall mom outfits. If you’re going for a more defined relaxed look, grab yourself a biker jacket, moto jacket or faux leather jacket that you can find cropped or even at regular waist line.


Since we are on the topic of a Sherpa lined jacket, I also suggest adding a Sherpa lined coat or jacket as part of your fall wardrobe. The cozy lined coats are great for wearing for any of the outdoor Fall activities that you are most likely to take part in while you are enjoying the Fall season. I love layering this type of jacket or coat over a variety of outfits for outdoor weddings and date nights during the Fall season.


A really good trendy piece for the Fall that you should add to your closet is the shirt jacket aka “the shacket”. This popular items is great for the early Fall season since it’s great to layer over thinner tops and give you a relaxed look. You’ll find the shacket in both cropped looks as well as normal shirt lengths so that you can layer it over tops as well as dresses.

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This essential piece may be obvious to quite a lot of people and you may already have it in your closet, but if you do not, make sure you add a cardigan to your closet. Cardigans are great for the Fall since you can use it as a top and as an outerwear piece – especially early in the season when the temperature tends to fluctuate. But what really makes the cardigan an essential piece for your fall wardrobe is that it it easy to style with a variety of different outfits. You can dress it up and dress it down, and when I was a teacher, this was my favorite teacher outfit essential when the classrooms would start off cool and then warm up throughout the day.


The turtleneck is definitely an essential piece that connects with a Fall trend that floated away for a little bit but then came back and hasn’t left since. During the Fall, and even during the Winter, a turtleneck can keep you warm and cozy without the need for a scarf. But when it comes to the style aspect of wearing a turtleneck, it gives a very sophisticated look.


The bodysuit is a wardrobe essential no matter what the season. You may be someone who is against wearing a bodysuit due to it being someone you have to unbutton to go to the bathroom, but a bodysuit is great for creating two piece looks that look like one piece and for great layering under bottoms when you want to create a belted look. I love wearing a bodysuit with a skirt and belting around the top of the skirt to make the two pieces look like a dress.

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You already have this in your closet, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Make sure that you are well stocked in your different styles of denim for your Fall wardrobe. When creating your outfit ideas, having a selection of different styles of jeans will help you to create a variety of different looks without having to worry that you can’t put a fashionable look together for the event or occasion that you are attending. Even if you are simply creating a minimalist or capsule wardrobe, having denim in your closet is a must.


Whether you are going with vegan leather pants or faux leather pants, you need to add a pair to your closet. It’s been a hot trend for quite a while and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere. Not only can you get the material in pant styles but you can also grab yourself a pair of faux leather leggings to for a more relaxed or athleisurewear look. I typically like going with faux black leather legging styles when I am layering the look and then have gone towards the brown or tan vegan leather pants for other styles.


Straight leg pants are great for the fall season because they are easy to style with boots and booties. Straight leg pants comes in a variety of different styles so you can get it in high waisted if that’s the look that you are going for. You can even get straight leg pants in faux leather or in denim.


Wide leg pants are great for if you are looking to wear lower cut booties or even flats during the colder weather season. Like the other pant styles, you can find wide leg pants in denim and in faux leather, but you can also find a lot of the wide leg pants in coverall or jumpsuit styles and even some with prints on the legs such as this wide leg coverall outfit for women and this wide leg denim pants.


If you’re someone who loves wearing skirts, then rest assured that you don’t have to give up wearing skirts during the colder months, because there are a lot of great Fall mini skirts that you can style throughout the season. Whether you’re going with a faux leather mini skirt, a skort, or another style, you can easily create a cute Fall look with a pair of tights and boots.

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Don’t be afraid to style shorter dresses during the colder months. Many of us tend to lean towards just wearing a midi dress or maxi dress, but just because it’s getting cooler, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the mini dress. Each dress style is an essential for your Fall wardrobe. With the mini dress, if you’re worried about colder legs, grab yourself a pair of tights or fleece lined tights but give an extra layer and then get some over the knee boots that match well with your look.


The sweater dress is an absolute Fall wardrobe essential. No matter whether you’re grabbing a mock neck sweater dress or a turtleneck sweater dress, you absolutely must have a sweater dress. The comfy style of dress typically are found as mini dresses or midi dresses and can vary in prints, colors, and fits. I always love shopping sweater dresses since there are so many different styles you can find for great prices.


The satin dress or slip dress is another great style to wear during the Fall season. It’s sophisticated style creates a super feminine look and it’s a style that allows for a variety of types of layering. I love wearing a satin dress for occasions where I am out and about such as for date nights, dinner events, holiday parties, and weddings. You can get a satin dress in various lengths and it’s a great dress for showing of your figure without it being tight against your body.

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Time to put those sandals and ballet flats away and break out the boots and booties. I always tell everyone as they are building their collection of Fall and Winter shoes to make sure that you have a variety of different heights in your boots – calf length, over-the-knee, and thigh-high – as well a different types of textures – suede and leather. Then expand in different colors but make sure that you at least have a pair in brown, tan, black or gray. Having those base colors in your closet will have you set for all of your outfit ideas.

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Fall Wardrobe Essentials
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