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Fall Activities With Toddler

As we get deeper and deeper into the Fall season, you’re probably trying to think of things to do outside that are family friendly and guaranteed to keep everyone entertained. Even though the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean that we need to stay cooped up in the house. For those who have children, you may have been doing some fun indoor activities, but you get to the point where you want to take them out somewhere to burn out some of their energy and give them something to do that also going to create family memories. But sometimes, when you search for family-friendly activities in you’re an area, either a lot comes up and it’s too overwhelming, or the top searches are things that can’t even be done in the area. So how do you plan your Fall family fun that will make the whole family excited? That’s why in this post, I’m going to share some tips on how to find fun family fall activities in your area as well as how these experiences are great for the entire family. And don’t forget to pack your camera, because you’ll want to capture tons of images to save the memories that you are making this season.

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Fall Activities With Toddler


In the Fall, there are so many fun activities that you can take part in as a family. Between planning activities around Halloween to doing activities filled with candy corn, apples, and sweet treats that just make sense with the season, you may find that the Fall season is busier with family activities than your summer was.

As you begin planning for any of your fun family Fall activities, the first thing you are bound to do is search what is in your area. And the key to making sure that the search is actually going to bring up activities that are close to you and that those activities are something that you want to do is to actually search for the specific activity near you instead of just doing a general search of outdoor activities. For us, we tend to do a lot of planning and searching ahead of time for family activities to do in Philadelphia and in the surrounding areas. You’ll also want to plan accordingly to see what activities you can find in the area that are free versus what may require tickets and reservations ahead of time.

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Corn mazes can keep kids busy for hours and it’s a favorite family activity to take part in during the Fall. There are quite a few that pop up in many states that have various activities that you can do within the maze. One season, there was a SpongeBob Squarepants themed maze that includes checkpoints throughout the maze that you could get collectible cards of the characters before you decided to exit the maze itself. There are even some corn mazes that function as a scavenger hunt to add a little extra fun in the form of a game to the activity. Looks for ones that your family would be excited about and see what the theme is. You may even find one that you’ll revisit every year. Many of the pumpkin patches also have Fall festivals where you may even be able to dress up your family Halloween costumes and possibly even take part in a Halloween costume contest or Halloween party. We always have fun going to festivals that have that little additions because we are able to come up with new family Halloween costume ideas every year.

While at the pumpkin patch, make sure to pick some pumpkins that you can go home and do some pumpkin carving or painting with the family. And as you are carving those pumpkins, make sure to save the pumpkin seeds and roast them with some amazing pumpkin seed seasonings. We have so much fun doing that right after pumpkin picking every season. You head to the pumpkin patch earlier in the day and then come home to enjoy spiked apple cider while the kids carve the pumpkins.


Another great activity is to find a small animal farm or petting zoo to take the kids to so that they can learn about animals they might not know about or see ones they love. For adults, you get to have that fun experience of playing around with the animals too. Some small animals farms even give you the experience of learning how to tend to the animals and work on the farm – such experiences include learning how to milk a goat or groom a foal. The small animal farms also typically offer other Fall festival activities to make your autumn adventure among the leaves even more amazing.


Some people love to do horse rides through the parks or trails during the Fall season. For a family friendly activity, look for ones that also include carriage rides. There are some places that allow for the adults to ride a horse alongside the carriage where the children are sitting or the entire family gets in the carriage together. A nice little ride around the woods or through city is fun and exciting and it allows for the children to explore and see new sights. Grab some hot cocoa or warm cider and make it comfy little activity.

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Fall is the greatest season to do apple picking, but make sure to do it early as many families like to get out there and start picking apples, and once the apples are gone – they are gone. Even if you live in a city, you an search the surrounding areas for an apple orchard that has seasonal apple picking as well as any Fall festival that they may be holding during select times.

While at the apple orchard, make sure to take advantage of the amazing apple drinks and eats that you can enjoy. Since the orchard specializes in apples, their apple cider and apple cider donuts are typically amazing – so much that you’ll probably want to purchase some and bring it home. In past experiences of heading the apple orchard, we typically like to pick apples and bring them home to make a variety of different Fall treats with some of our fun Fall recipes. We’ve made apple cocktails, apple pies, caramel apples, and so much more. As a family, you can have these be additional activities that you do at home following your visit to the apple orchard to fill your calendar with more fun family fall activities.


When I was a child, this activity was always on my yearly Fall bucket list. If you have caves or mining locations in your area, it’s fun to take your children to place where they can do gem mining. This activity gives them the ability to be able to take a souvenier home that they did the work to get. And if you have multiple children doing the activity, it makes it more of a surprise for them to see what they got and how it changes. This activity is also great for doing every year because you’ll get something new every year, and this is another activity that you’ll get something out of it to bring home and have more family activities such as making jewelry or home decor.

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