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Aladdin Family Costume

Halloween costumes are something I take pride in coming up with. I will admit that every year, around mid-September, I begin looking at inspiration on what DIY Halloween costumes I can come up with. Whether it be a Halloween costume for myself, a family Halloween costume, or a mommy and me Halloween costume, I work really hard to put something together that looks cute. For awhile, I simply focused on creating costumes just for myself – like being a fashionable werewolf or a sultry vampire – but when I married my husband I began focusing on costumes for the both of us. And now that we are a family of three, I get even more excited and creative when it comes to putting together Halloween costumes.

For Carter’s first Halloween, we decided to a Harry Potter family costume that turned out to be perfect for me, as a book nerd, and amazing for our little man since his Harry Potter newborn costume was just the cutest. As Carter gets older, there were a lot more options for our family Halloween costume. There are a lot more toddler Halloween costumes to choose from than there are newborn costumes. Even more, since there are more clothing options for toddlers, you can get a little bit more creative if you want to and work some of that DIY magic where you can find clothes that your child may normally wear outside of Halloween and be able to put it in a costume.



Scooby Doo Family Halloween Costume 1440x2160

A Scooby Doo group Halloween costume is a great go-to especially because it’s easy to DIY and it also doubles as a cosplay look for other events that you may want to attend later on. Another aspect that I like about putting this costume together is that you can take it and style the different pieces together for other outfits and cross those looks over to every day looks instead of just only being able to wear this for this particular Halloween costume.

For this family costume, I was able to find all of the pieces on Amazon, so it was easy to quickly shop and get it shipped to the house super fast. The blue collar for the Fred costume, actually comes as it’s own separate piece so the white sweater can be worn for workwear. We ended up doing a cute little Instagram Reel for this costume because it was so fun to put together.

Family Halloween Costumes With Dog 1440x2160
Family Halloween Costume 1440x2160

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Family Costume Aladdin

I was super excited about putting together this family Halloween costume especially because there were so many options of what we could put our little man in. With my husband and I both being a lover of Disney, and for the facts that our Beauty and the Beast baby shower and Beauty and the Beast gender reveal were both Disney, we wanted to keep the tradition going.

Though there was the thought to go with Beauty and the Beast, we decided to with Aladdin because Carter had been so connected with the cartoon for the entire year. So I began my search on putting together the perfect Aladdin family Halloween costume, and it actually came together pretty easily and I didn’t feel like we were completely wasting money.

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Winnie The Pooh Couples Costume 1440x2160

As a parent, I learned that when the little ones are too young to really go trick-or-treating, you don’t need to. You’ll end up walking around with your little on in the stroller, who will end up asleep right at the beginning, and all the candy comes back and you’re the one that ends up eating it or throwing it out.

We typically end up wearing our family Halloween costumes to Halloween parties that are family friendly, and then when it comes to the adults-only Halloween parties, that’s when my husband and I break out the couple’s Halloween costumes and have a good old time.

Like mentioned, a family Halloween costume and can also double as the couple’s Halloween costume as long as you plan accordingly. So though we could have kept it simply and used the Aladdin family Halloween costume as our couple’s costume, we decided to keep the Disney train going and come up with another costume.

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Harry Potter Group Costume 1440x2160

My first family costume idea that we brought to life was our Harry Potter costume that we put together while Carter was an infant. This was an easy whole family Halloween costume because when I first started searching for baby costumes, this Gryffindor outfit was the first one that popped up, and it also gave other options to include our dog and gave kids Harry Potter Halloween costume pieces that others could wear in the case that we wanted to do a whole group costume with others who had older children.

My one tip for shopping for Halloween costumes for babies, especially if you’re in one of the states that gets cold in October, is to pay attention to the size of the infant costumes, especially as it pertains to the weight. You want the costume to be snug enough that it keeps your little one warm and not have too much empty space that lets a lot of cold air in. We ended up having to send the original one pace for Carter because it was too larger even though I ordered the size for his age, but it was the weight that I needed to pay attention to.

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