What was your pregnancy like?

To be honest, I can’t say that my pregnancy was fabulous. I love my son and I wouldn’t trade it for the whole universe, but I struggled through my pregnancy. I have PCOS, which made it hard for me to get pregnancy initially, I was on different hormonal drugs when we got pregnant, so my hormones were already very high to start with. My entire first trimester and the majority of my second trimester, I was constantly nauseous. I was teaching at the time, and it got to the point where my students were so used to me just walking out the classroom in the middle of a lesson or an activity and coming right back a few minutes later. They were great with continuing on and maintaining order, so I loved them for that. My third trimester, I was just uncomfortable. He dropped right at the beginning of my third trimester and was head down ready to come out for some time. We had a scare where we thought he was coming at 32 weeks, but he hung in there for another six and I delivered at 38 weeks when they decided that it was just time to break my water and induce me.

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