Why did you start your blog?

Here’s something that many don’t know…LivingLesh wasn’t always a petite fashion and luxury lifestyle blog. It originally started as a space where I wrote down my drafts of my poetry for my master’s thesis project which I have now self-published for you to purchase – ‘How Do You See Me?‘. In that original space, I was able to share those poems and receive feedback as well as take surveys to further produce my thesis.

As I was finishing my thesis, I began to think of what I wanted to do with the site. I didn’t just want to scrap it, so I decided take my love for fashion, the styling experience I already had, and my passion for writing and combine it into one and create the LivingLesh you now see. Over the years, it has grown and expanded and I have now taken my blog from being one website to a entire brand and business.

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