Posing Tips: How to Pose for Photos

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With social media being such a huge thing in this day and age, visuals have become essential to many aspects of life. Whether you’re an influencer, a business person getting headshots or gathering stock photos for marketing, or even if you’re just at home and want family photos to decorate your home, photos and visuals have become day to day. But even with the prevalence of photos, not every person is comfortable in front of the camera and knows how to pose for photos – especially when someone can’t figure how what to do once a camera is right in front of them.

We often overanalyze and get nervous and that comes across in the photos. I tell people all the time that even though I am an fashion and lifestyle blogger, doesn’t mean that I am fully comfortable, and that they don’t have to be an influencer to look great in photos.

One of the main questions that many bloggers, like myself, get is – how did you get so comfortable in front of the camera? To be honest, I’m not always fully comfortable in front of the camera whether it’s a standing pose or a sitting pose, I’m sometimes slight uncomfortable. The photos that you see published on my blog and social media are just a collection of hundreds of photos that were taken. When I go into editing, I get very picky with the pictures that I want to publish, and it’s not always about lighting or framing.

Sometimes, I just don’t like the photo because of the face that I am making or the way that I’m standing. Over time, I have been able to get more and more comfortable in front of the camera and derived ways to which I end up with the perfect shot. In this post, I want to share some big posing tips on how to pose for photos like a fashion blogger.

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The first piece of advice that I’m going to give you on how to pose like a fashion blogger is to get out of your own head. Stop overthinking it. When you overthink how you’re going to pose, you end up with a facial expression that either looks like you’re trying too hard or that you are in mid-thought. If you find yourself overthinking because you’re not quite sure what your angles are then practice in front of a mirror. Honestly, that is the best way to find out what your best angles are so that you can share with your photographer whomever it may be. You may think it’s awkward, but it’ll all pay off.

The next piece of advice, and the most important, BE YOURSELF. Many of us do this thing where we go on Pinterest or social media and find inspiration for a look that we are trying to recreate. And that’s amazing to do because we all look for inspiration. But the trick is to use it for inspiration and not directly copy it. Take the photo and add your own personality to it and make it your own. Look at those inspirational photos and pull how the idea, the props, and maybe even the color balance. But don’t directly copy it because you want your photos to show off who you are and not how you’re trying to be someone else

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How to Pose for Photos: TOP POSING TECHNIQUES

    Creating shapes in a photo is always great, and for fashion, the triangle is a strong shape to create dynamic fashion and lifestyle photos. You can create them with your own body by bending your arms or legs, and you can create them by angling your body against fixtures that you are around. In my post about outfits not needing shoes, I posed using the triangle technique by standing sideways and pulling up my leg.
    Some of the best fashion and lifestyle photos look natural. And naturally, you’re not always looking at one spot. So look over your shoulder, look past the camera, or look up as if you are basking in the sun.
    Many great photos are caught when the subject is walking, playing with the outfit, and moving around. I’ve worked with quite a few photographers and each one of them has told me to keep moving. Even now, working with my husband as my husband as my photographer, I move naturally and those end up being the best photos.
    You picked that background for a reason, so don’t be afraid to interact with it. Sit on the benches around you, lean against the building, or actually naturally as you wound in the space if you weren’t taking photos. By interacting with the surroundings, you’ll create a more dynamic photo.
    Make sure that you’re showing off the piece that you are wearing. As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, I would hate to have photos in a post that are hiding the product that I am trying to share or the outfit that I am giving tips on.
    If you end up feeling tired, over-exhausted, and feeling as if this was another day at work and not a day of creativity, then you did something wrong.
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Posing Adjustments to Make WHEN POSING FOR PHOTOS

    When you are posing for a photo, try to shift your weight to one leg or the other. Typically, you’ll want to shift the weight to your back leg and push your body slightly forward. This will give a more relaxed and natural look.
    If you find yourself hunching forward, try to push your shoulders back so that it opens up your body and makes you stand taller. As someone who is petite, I focus a lot on doing this so that I can create the illusion in the photo that I am taller than what I am. Standing with your shoulders forward, brings your body into itself and takes away from seeing you.
    Without fully looking over your shoulder, tilt your chin slightly towards your shoulder. Depending on the feel that you are wanting to create, you can tilt your chin towards the shoulder closest to the camera or the one further away. One way creates a more demure look while the other creates an opposing look.
    A simple adjustment that can be made when posing for a photo is turning your body slightly so that you are not standing directly facing the camera. This creates angles in your body and shows off shapes that create a more dynamic look.
    By slightly leaning forward when posing for photos, you can emulate confidence and shine through the photo. Open your body and lean slightly forward from your torso. Focus on shifting your wait to your toes without looking like you’re doing an extreme lean towards the photos. This will bring your face closer to the camera so that you and your expression become the focus.
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