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The summer season is also known, by some people, as patio season. This is the time to take dinner and drinks out on the patio instead of sitting inside at the bar under the fluorescent lights and loud music that you can’t really hear. But with the heat, it is about dressing to keep comfortable and look amazing while sitting out on that patio. Now, we are all about creating those luxury looks, keeping comfortable, and showing off our personal style which is super important when it comes to that patio life. Patio life is all about sharing an experience that goes beyond just the group with you. There have many times when I’ve gone to a patio and met new people who I have made genuine connections with. And it has been phenomenal. So, let’s talk about what type of look you can create to get yourself ready to get out there, endure the heat, and make new friends.



Top – Revolve | Jeans – American Eagle | Shoes – Revolve | Handbag – Henri Bendel

This entire summer, I have been having so much fun hanging out on the patios of various restaurants and bars with my friends and family. Even outside of the restaurants, we have been enjoying the summer season on our at home patios, and I am sure you have too.

Summer is all about enjoying the outdoors, kicking back and relaxing, and having a darn good time. But we know that this summer has been like a never-ending heat wave accompanied with some random rain storms that don’t calm the heat down either way.

For those days out on the patio, when it’s not raining, you want to make sure to dress so you are comfortable, you’re able to move around, and so that you are creating that luxury look that you are so proud to show off.

My first tip for those day on the patio is to wear either jeans or another pair of pants that breathe. Often times, we are out on the patio later into the evening and from first hand experience, I have noticed that those pesky mosquitos end up going for your legs first. So I often try to keep them covered for the later evenings and then I don’t find myself with tons of bites.

Additionally, you can wear something that is a little looser for your top. I chose this crop top that provides me with a luxury style but also keeps me comfortable and lets me breathe so that I am not over heating. Then if it gets later, you can throw on a loose cardigan or a light jacket and keep those mosquitos from nipping at your arms. Or in the case that it does get a little cooler in the evening, you can keep yourself warm. But most of the patios I have been to have those outdoor heaters which are clutch for those later evenings.

Then to complete that my look and make myself stand out among the rest, I put on a pair of statement heels that are guaranteed to be eye-catching and possibly a conversation starter – which is great for the patio since the patio is all about making connections and sharing the experience with the other people around you.

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