Fight the Winter Dryness with Curel

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Winter is always a rough time for my skin. Now that Fall is upon us, I have to prepare my skin for the cold weather. I am a person who already suffers from naturally dry skin, so when the colder weather comes and there is not much moisture in the air, my skin becomes even dryer and I feel like my whole body is itching.

Most of the time, my family tells me that I am itching because I need to take a shower. But I am pretty sure that I am not scratching my skin because I am dirty ten minutes after I just got out of the shower. My skin gets tight and everything feels as if it is suffering.
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Curel Itch Defense Spray is an instant soothing moisturizing spray with the primary purpose being to soothe itchy skin. I have seen products such as this one used before during the Summer and Spring months to spray over bug bites to decrease the itching. This product is not much different, but the main purpose for this product is to soothe the itch because of dry skin. I have been using this spray after getting out of the shower to moisturize my skin and it has been working phenomenally.

I will admit that I don’t think it will take the place of my regular lotion since I use a lotion with cocoa butter, and that lotion provides my skin with the extra moisture that I need to keep my skin smooth. But…there have been moments when I have used this spray to calm my skin after being outside for a long period of time.

Curel Itch Defense

The spray has lasted me for a few weeks now and I still think that I have a good amount left, so it is a long lasting product. The Curel Itch Defense Spray is a part of a line that includes lotion and body wash. You can purchase this product and the other products belonging to the Curel Itch Defense line from a local CVS or Walmart – it cost about $10 or less.

How are you keeping your skin smooth as the temperature begins to drop? Let me know!


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