How to Find Your Perfect Bridal Lingerie with Rigby & Peller

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DSC 0611 As a bride, you want to feel sexy. It is obvious that your man already loves you and adores you, and because you adore him too, you want to make sure that you show him the attention and love he deserves.

Like many brides, I went to stores looking at luxurious and sexy lingerie that I know my man would love to see me in, but I wasn’t quite set on buying it. Some of the pieces looked super uncomfortable, and though that is a sacrifice I would make for my fiance, I know that he doesn’t want me to feel uncomfortable during our intimate moments.

Bridal lingerie is almost essential! You need to get a great collection to have for the wedding night and the nights following when you are on your honeymoon. Honestly, you need it far after the wedding and honeymoon are over to keep that spice in the relationship. To me, finding comfortable and extra sexy lingerie is a priority during my wedding planning. And for awhile, it was a struggle.

It wasn’t until recently, that my struggle stopped, and my bridal lingerie prayers were answered. Actually, my lingerie prayers were just answered all together.

About a month ago, I was introduced to Rigby & Peller – a lingerie boutique providing women with expert styling complimented with gorgeous lingerie sourced from the best luxury brands.

Rigby & Peller recently went through a global expansion, and to my delight they opened a store at the King of Prussia Mall, which of course is my go-to store for everything!

(You can find your local Rigby & Peller store by going here!)

Now, you may be thinking, “Other stores do this.” And honestly, I thought that as well as first, but I will admit that I walked out of my fitting with a new outlook on lingerie, my personal style, and how I should feel as woman under my clothes. I have a new sense on how my bra should feel, and how it shouldn’t.

And if you don’t quite believe me, then keep reading. I’m going to take you behind the door of my lingerie styling session and give you some tips on finding the perfect bridal lingerie that is just for you!

Madeline Fitting Room

When I first walked into Rigby & Peller, the stylists greeted me with friendly smiles and knew me by name. Like many professional stylings, you can make an appointment at Rigby & Peller which allows them to get to know you a little and makes sure that you are getting their full attention at a time that best fits you.

Now, you are welcome to just drop into the store, but I always say that it is better to make an appointment so that you don’t have to wait and to guarantee that someone is dedicated to servicing you. As brides, we should be used to this. You don’t just show up to dress shop and for your fittings, so don’t undermine lingerie shopping. Make that appointment!

You can make an appointment at your local Rigby & Peller by going here!

Upon arrival, you are given you own private styling suite and a glass of wine if you choose to have some. Your stylist will go over the procedure, how long it could possibly take, and talk to you about your preferences and what you are looking for in your lingerie.

I had an absolutely amazing stylist! Leslie Valenteen was my personal stylist and made me feel comfortable and ready to go through this styling the moment I stepped into my suite – which was cutely titled Madeline.

We spoke about how I was looking for comfortable and sexy. She talked to me about what I liked about the current bra I was wearing and what I didn’t like about it.

What she didn’t ask for was my bra size. With Rigby & Peller, they carry sizes that are not typically sold in many lingerie stores. For example, I typically wear a 32, but it doesn’t quite fit me. I’m a petite woman and actually need sizes smaller. But many stores don’t carry those smaller sizes so I am typically stuck with what I can work with. At Rigby & Peller, they carry sizes 31 and a few below. They carry many sizes and the ones in between to guarantee their your lingerie fits exactly to you.

Rigby And Peller Fitting Room Rigby And Peller Bliss Rigby And Peller Fitting Rigby Peller

After speaking to Leslie about what I wanted for my bridal lingerie, as well as my lingerie just in general, she helped me to determine my perfect size and then talked to me about what kind of style I wanted in my lingerie. Here’s some things to consider when you’re being asked about your style:

  • Do you like lace?
  • Do you like bright colors or neutral colors?
  • Are embellishments (bows, charms, etc.) something that you are okay with having?
  • Are you looking for something really girly/feminine or do you want something that tones it down a little?

After determining what I wanted in my lingerie, Leslie went to work finding the perfect items for me in the store. And what is great about it, I did not have to leave my fitting room. I was able to just sit there and sip my wine and let someone else do the work. As a bride, that doesn’t happen very often.

Leslie returned fairly quickly and we started trying on bras. Together, we talked about what I liked and what I didn’t like about the ones that I was trying on.

Now here’s something I am going to be straightforward with. Typically, the stylist stays in the room with you as you are trying things on. And if you’re uncomfortable with that, they are able to accommodate you. I was pretty much fine with it, because at this point between wedding dress shopping and fittings, I’m just used to it.

Rigby Peller Fitting Room Bra Fitting Rigby Peller Lingerie DSC 0571

I had probably tried on over 25 bras before I found a collection of 6 that I absolutely loved and fit me more than perfectly. The lingerie that I found was for the wedding night, the honeymoon, and for days to follow.

At the end of the styling appointment, which lasted a little over an hour because I was so picky, I decided on what I was going to take and what I wasn’t. I chose a few items, and the rest went on my wishlist.

Now, the wishlist is great for a bride because when you add things to your wishlist, they go under you name. And anyone who comes to the store and come and say that they want to buy something off of your wishlist and the stylists will pull it for them.

So make sure what you don’t get is added to your wishlist, and have your maid of honor stick a little insert in your bridal shower invitations telling them where to go to buy the rest of your lingerie.

I picked out a few things, but I am keeping them a secret since they are a surprise for my fiance. But I will tell you that they are more than sexy and super comfortable.
Sexy Lingerie Wedding Lingerie DSC 0588 DSC 0587 Rigby Peller Clothing Rigby And Peller Swimsuits Rigby Peller Social Media DSC 0600

Rigby Peller King Of PrussiaAt the end of the session, I was absolutely thrilled with how everything went. The styling experience was beyond amazing and the stylist along with the other women working the store made me feel that I was special and important.

If you are looking for luxury and comfort, then Rigby & Peller is the place for you.

On the wall in the store, there is a quote that reads: “I came for a bra. I left as a new woman.” Honestly, that is the absolute truth. I would have never known my true bra size and I would have never known that I can find the perfect lingerie that fits my every need.
But let me not leave you there. I’m here to give you every little detail you need to know.

Rigby & Peller also sells gorgeous swimwear and loungeware. And carried luxury brands that you may not be able to find anywhere else in the US.

Brands carried by Rigby & Peller:

  • Marie Jo
  • Primadonna
  • Andres Sarda
  • Aubade
  • Elixer
  • Miason Lejaby
  • Simon Pérèle
  • On Gossamer
  • And many, many more.

Finally, here are the tips that I have for finding your perfect lingerie (whether you are a bride, are now a wife, or just a fun-loving and sexy woman):

  1. Always have an open mind when going into a styling. The worst thing that you can do is go in and tell a stylist that you know your exact size and style and won’t try on anything else. You  may be introduced to something that you haven’t seen before.
  2. Take your time and don’t rush. Isn’t that how you want your man to treat you?
  3. Make sure that the piece fits you. Yes, you’re man may have something that he loves seeing you in but you don’t quite like the look. But, you have to wear it, and I guarantee that he will see that you don’t like it and it will take away from the purpose of buying the lingerie in the first place.
  4. Try something new. And go extra sexy! You deserve it!

Are you a bride looking for your bridal lingerie? Tell me about it. Even if you’re not a bride, but just want some great lingerie, visit Rigby & Peller and let me know what luxury brands that they carry are your favorites. Also, tell me what looks you are dying to have!

Just leave your wishlist in the comments, because you never know, I may just hold a giveaway for Rigby & Peller gift card! (wink, wink!)

Thank you Rigby & Peller + Style House PR for partnering with me on this post.

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