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Planning a wedding is difficult work — believe me, I’m planning mine now. Every single detail has to be thought out and everything has to be planned, paid for, and delivered ahead of time so that the wedding day runs as smoothly as tubbed butter.

My wedding party involves bridesmaids and groomsmen who are not located near my fiancé and I. So, in thinking about how we are going to arrange for our bridal party to get their outfits, I began to realize that it is not only an inconvenience to us, but also to our bridal party members. My fiancé and I will have to choose a store that is located nationally and make sure that they can either put our dress/tux style in the system or send pictures to our members to make sure that they get the exact outfit that they should have. Basically, it will be a complicated process.

I will admit that I am not the only bride that is in this situation, and if you’re like me and my fiancé, I’m here to tell  you about a service that I recently discovered that will make the process of getting tuxes for groomsmen in other states a whole lot easier.

Now introducing — Menguin!

Menguin is said to be the “new way in renting tuxes”. It is an online system where the groom and the groomsmen (aka the bride) can go on and pick out the exact style that the groomsmen will wear for the wedding and it gets shipped right to their doorstep to try on. Easy right! But let me give you some more detail.
MenguinIMG 3121

Menguin has the largest inventory in the US – which means that you are guaranteed to find the exact style you are looking for. One of the great things about Menguin is that you don’t have to wait until 48 hours before to get the tux for the wedding like most tuxedo rental stores require. Menguin sends the tux in plenty of time to try on just in case it doesn’t fit, and all you have to do is make sure that you send it back in the box that it came in with the pre-paid label the day after your wedding.

Now, in most cases, instructions would be provided that are given to the person who will be ordering the tuxes – which we would hope is the groom – but I know better. So I’m going to give the Menguin instructions that are laid out for the bride since it is the bride who will most likely find the site and be working on the groom’s look.

Here are the easy steps for the bride using Menguin:

  1. Head to Menguin and build the tux style that you want on the collection page. Pick out every piece from the tie, to the shirt, to the sock and shoes.
  2. Use the Menguin system to send out an invite to your future hubby and his groomsmen so that they can use the online fitting tool to get fitted and to pay for their tuxes.
    • This system will also let you track who has and who hasn’t ordered their tux. You can send “friendly” reminder to them to keep them on task and to make sure that they order their tux by your set deadline.
  3. Your groom and each groomsmen will have their tux shipped directly to their doorstep 10-12 days before the wedding.
    • I know you’re probably thinking: “Well, what happens if it doesn’t fit?” Well, make sure to have the groom and/or groomsmen try on the tux right when they get the box. If anything doesn’t fit, Menguin instructs them to tell them what doesn’t fit or if anything is wrong as soon as possible, and they will ship a new tux to that person as soon as the other tux is returned. Quick. Easy. No fuss. No muss.

Menguin Accessories IMG 3129 IMG 3130

After the wedding day, just have the groom and groomsmen pack everything back up in the box, reseal the box and put the pre-paid label over the original label and send it on its way back.

No need to have to have the groomsmen head back to the tuxedo shop with that after-wedding hangovers. Menguin Tux Menguin Brand

Menguin includes a variety of tuxedo/suit brands in their collection. They have top quality tuxes from brands such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein. 

And if you’re worried about whether the tie or vest is going to match the hue of the bridesmaids jackets – don’t. Menguin has a great color matching system and a vast collection of hues to make sure that the groom and the groomsmen match the exact color that you need them to match. 

IMG 3136

Menguin made me realize that there are uncomplicated options when it comes to tuxedo rentals. There are a lot of things to stress over when planning a wedding, and this doesn’t have to be one of those things.

But enough about me and my story – how is your wedding planning going? What is one of your stresses in your wedding planning process? If it is your tux – just remember the Menguin can take that stress away.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Menguin and Acorn Influence.

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