Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

First Birthday Baby


Carter turned ONE yesterday, and I still can’t believe that my baby is a toddler already. I mean, where did the time go? I feel like it was yesterday that I was just announcing his arrival to the world. This year has gone by so fast, and honestly, during his birthday yesterday, I sat and watched all of the videos that I took of him just so I could reflect back on all of the milestones that he’s achieved. To say I am proud of my little man would be an understatement of the emotion that I feel towards our son. He’s the light of our world and our little MVP.

I will admit that I am still in denial about him getting older. We had his one year check up, and they told me that it was time for him to give up his bottle. Though it’s not a huge deal, and he does know how to drink out of a straw and sippy cup, I still am stuck on giving him a bottle because he just looks so cute drinking out of one. Plus, it makes me feel like he’s still a baby.

I know that Carter will always be MY BABY. But time is flying by so fast and before I know it he’ll be graduating from high school and telling me what he plans to do with his future.

We had a little home photoshoot and small celebration with a smash cake on the day of his birthday, and we will be having an intimate celebration with family and close friends this weekend. It was amazing to get all the calls from family and friends to with Carter a happy birthday. He is well loved and touches every person he comes in contact with. Even a few brands who are not baby/toddler brands, reached out to wish him a happy birthday and sent him a couple of things.

We are beyond blessed to have Carter as our son, and we are so excited to be in his corner as he flourishes.

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