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One of the hottest trends this cold weather season is the flannel shirt jacket trend also known as the shacket. This fall trend has been prevalent year after year and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You probably have been seeing a lot of these styles of jackets in some of your favorite stores or online boutiques and have stopped your scrolling to consider buying one if you haven’t already.

The flannel shirt jacket is idea for the Fall season as well as the early Winter season because it gives you that layer that you need without having the need to wear a thick coat. It goes great with relaxed looks or even some dressier looks, depending on which one you tend to pick. In this post, I’m going to be sharing some tips on styling the flannel shirt jacket or shacket and providing some great picks to add to your closet.

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With a shirt jacket being a lot more lightweight that most coats, but a little thicker than a jacket, the shacket is a great jacket to have in you closet to navigate the fluctuating, in-between weather that comes along with the Fall and early Winter season. You can find a variety of flannel shirt jackets in both cropped, “normal” length, and long-line to go with whatever type of look you are trying to create. But you may still be stuck on what type of look you want to create, so here are some few style ideas to create your perfect look with your shacket.

    One of the go to looks to style your shacket is the casual denim and sweater look. I would even recommend going with a mock neck or turtleneck sweater to add some dimension to the look. And as you are putting the look together, play with the sizing and prints to see what works for you. If you go for a cropped flannel shirt jacket then go with some high-waisted bottoms paired with a mock neck bodysuit.
    With the flannel shirt jacket having a variety of prints and colors, try focusing on one of the colors from the jacket and create a monochromatic look underneath so that the jacket stays the centerpiece. For example. if you have a cream, baby blue, and light pink flannels shirt jacket, find a midi dress or slacks and a top that are in cream so that the prints of the shacket stand out more but your look stays so chic.
    Some flannel shirt jackets come in sets and include a skirt or pants. Don’t be afraid and run away from those sets and think that the prints are too much. Instead, style that matching bottom with your shacket to create a bold look that you’ll love wearing. Keep the top underneath simple to not distract from the print of your shirt jacket and bottoms.
    If you want to go super casual and relaxed, put your flannel shirt jacket over an athleisurewear look. I like going with wide leg relaxed cotton sweatpants with an oversized sweater and matching beanie to create a dynamic streetwear looks that is bound to turn heads. But there are so many options for putting together a look like this with a variety of relaxed looks. Let’s just say that the shacket works well as a jacket to throw over yourself after leaving the gym.
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When shopping for your flannel shirt jacket, there are so many options to choose from and places to shop. One of my main go-to stores to shop for a shacket is Abercrombie because there are so many great picks and examples of looks to great to go along with your shirt jacket. But don’t think that there aren’t a ton of other stores out there with so many other great options in a variety of lengths, patterns, colors, etc. that you can shop from to make this Fall trend your own. Below I’ve gathered together some top shackets for you to shop this season and style using the style tips above.

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