Floral Mini Dress for the Summer

Floral Mini Dress

Who doesn’t love floral dresses especially in the spring and summer? When the springtime arrives, I am always breaking out my floral maxi dresses to kick of the season and match along with the florals in the gardens and parks. Then as the temperature increases, my hemline goes up and by summer, I’m rocking the different styles of the floral mini dress.

This floral mini dress has been my new favorite this summer. With a corset top structure to the dress and a relaxed fit that still shows off the feminine shape, it’s a floral mini dress that is meant to be styled for multiple occasions.

In this post, I’m sharing some key style tips for wearing the this mini dress trend along with some great summer floral mini dress picks.

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Floral Mini Dress


The floral mini dress is a dress that is made to show off a feminine style. So when styling this dress trend, you’ll want shoes and access to that further add the feminine look that you are looking to create. One thing that is amazing about this style of dress is that you can find different pieces in various lengths and prints that you can wear to many different occasions. I often find myself styling different looks within this trend as a wedding guest such as in my look for an outdoor wedding and the floral two piece set that has always been a stunner at any wedding.

No matter what occasion you are styling the look for, you’ll still follow similar style tips to make the look complete. When it comes to shoes, try to keep your shoes one tone instead of adding an additional print. Have the color match or compliment the dress you are wearing, but you don’t want to take away from the dress itself by adding different prints.

As you keep styling the look and move onto accessories, keep the same idea and try to keep your accessories neutral to not take away from your mini dress. I like to make sure that I keep my jewelry in gold tones, but that can change slightly depending on whether I have a brighter dress or a darker dress. A little extra thing that I like to do is to add floral accessories. For example, I would have flower statement earrings in one color or a drop necklace that is a flower similar to what I have in the shop section above.

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