Floral Tea Dresses Under $100

Spring Floral Dress Under 100

As Spring comes into full swing, you may be searching for key, trendy pieces to wear during the season. The floral tea dress is a perfect Spring staple that are great for wearing for a variety of occasions. You can style the look for a casual event or date night look or you can dress up the tea dress and style it to wear to a more formal event like a wedding or cocktail reception. Though there are many style of a tea dress, the floral tea dress brings out a feminine and romantic style that catches the eye of many.

I’m a huge fan of floral tea dresses and actually have quite a few in my closet. These dresses are dresses that trend from season to season and you often don’t find yourself looking for another style the when the Spring rolls around again and you’re transitioning your closet because the dress you wore the previous year looks just as trendy and fashionable as it did in the years before.

In this post, I’m sharing some key tips on styling floral tea dresses as well as providing a round up of floral tea dresses under $100.

Floral Dress Under 100


The floral tea dress is a trending style that you won’t want to pass up during the warm weather months. Whether you’re looking to style it as a long sleeved maxi dress or if you are going with frilled mini dress that has a halter neckline, you can rock the floral tea dress look and make it your own. Below are some ways to style a floral tea dress along with occasions that it is perfect to wear for.

    Depending on what the occasion is that you are wearing your floral tea dress, you can pair your dress with stilettoes, sandals, boots, or even sneakers. If you’re going for a more formal look, style the dress with a pair of heels, but if you’re going for a more casual look, a cute summer wedge, block heel, or white sneakers go so well with the floral tea dress.
    With floral tea dresses, you don’t always have to have your floral embedded in the print. Instead, include your floral elements in embroidery around the edges of your dress for a simplistic, countryside tea dress look.
    The floral tea dress is also a great dress to style for the beach. As the weather gets warmer, you can find tea dresses that are short sleeved or sleeveless and accessorize them with beach bags and sandals. When creating a beach look, aim to grab a tea dress that has some frill or even an open back.
    Along with the floral tea dress being a great dress to wear as a wedding guest, the floral tea dress is also a great dress for bridesmaids. The elegance of the tea dress with floral prints provides that feminine and delicate look that you may be aiming for in your wedding theme.
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Floral Tea Dresses UNDER $100

Floral tea dresses are such a hot trend that come around every season, so you’ll be able to shop the dresses in a variety of stores. My tip for shopping floral tea dresses is to try to snag some early in the Spring where there are somewhat on sale and in stock because they sell out fast.

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