What You Need to Know About Flower Tea

Flower Tea

Tea is one of my favorite beverages. There’s just something about turning on the kettle and brewing up a cup of tea. It’s so comforting and relaxing, and it’s one of my favorite ways to decompress after a long day. Recently, I’ve been discovering a love for flower tea, and I’m excited to share with you today why I am so obsessed with it.

Flower tea is so delicious, and it has so many health benefits as well. I have loved integrating it into my routine, and I’m excited to keep exploring different types of flower tea. It can often be confused with flowering tea, but don’t worry – I’m going to explain the difference to you so you know exactly which teas are the right choice for you. Keep reading to learn more about flower tea!

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Flower tea is a type of herbal tea. You might know them as tisanes – an herbal infusion of flowers, herbs, leaves, and spices. While tisanes do not contain the leaves of “true teas” – the standard teas you might think of, such as green tea or oolong tea – many people prefer the flavor and health benefits of herbal teas. Flower teas are caffeine free, and can come as loose leaf tea, infusions, or blends.

Great examples of flower teas would be chamomile tea, lavender tea, jasmine tea, or rose tea. They’re all such calming, delicious choices!

There are so many different reasons to love flower tea, so keep reading as I share just why I’ve found myself growing obsessed.


One of the many reasons that people love flower tea is that it is filled with fantastic health benefits. If you want to drink something besides water but still want a healthy choice, there are few better options than flower tea.

Flower tea has been used for health purposes for centuries – it can be traced back to traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. It was used to heal sicknesses and everyday ailments, as well as to promote overall health inside and out. For better skin and healthier organs, flower tea is a great choice.

It’s impossible to point to one main benefit of flower tea as it entirely depends on the type of tea you are drinking. You won’t get the same benefits, for example, from lavender tea as you would from chamomile tea. They’re two different teas! If you want to target a specific ailment or issue, take the time to research the best tea for you.

As a whole, however, you can count on flower tea being filled with antioxidants, which are great for your overall health. Additionally, the fact that it is caffeine-free means that it’s great for relaxing and calming down at the end of a long day. Flower tea can help to destress and decompress, and even improve sleep.

If you’re looking to improve your health with flower tea, here are a few of the most popular teas and their benefits:


Lavender tea is one of the most popular options for improving sleep. It is super calming, and is known for relieving anxiety. It also can support digestive health and ease menstrual cramps.


Rose tea is delicate and sweet, one of the most elegant teas. It’s an anti-inflammatory tea, which can ease stomach and joint pain – it’s known to be anti-arthritic.


Jasmine tea is soothing and aromatic. It’s rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, and high in antioxidants. It can also help boost your immune system and keep you healthy, which is always needed during flu season!


Chamomile tea is famous for its relaxing properties, so it’s a popular choice for calming down before bed after a long day. Feeling on edge? A cup of chamomile just might do the trick. It’s a heart-healthy choice, and can also lower and regulate blood sugar.


Obviously, each kind of floral tea is different, so you will get a different taste from each kind of tea. However, as a whole, floral teas are light, sweet, and herbal. They are not as harsh or intense as a tea made of tea leaves, so if you don’t like strong flavors, floral tea might be your speed.


One of my favorite things about floral tea is its versatility. There are so many recipes online (I can’t be the only one with a massive recipe board on Pinterest!) for how to make floral tea, and I have been having so much fun experimenting.

While many people enjoy drinking floral tea hot, it can also be made into iced tea as well. It can even be integrated into lattes! There are so many options to make it your cup of tea (pun intended), and I love that there’s something for everyone.


Okay, let’s be honest – there are benefits to floral tea beyond the aesthetic beauty of it. But the aesthetics certainly don’t hurt. Floral tea is so beautiful, and I can’t help but be obsessed with how aesthetically pleasing it is. Everything’s more fun to drink when it’s pretty, right?

One of my favorite trends is the concept of making floral tea in clear glass teapots. When you make your floral tea in clear containers, you can thoroughly appreciate its beauty. This also makes it fantastic for parties and events, as it’s the most beautiful touch!


Flower tea can easily get mistaken for flowering tea (also known as blooming tea) due to the similarity of their names. The biggest difference between the two teas is how different they are when they steep. When blooming tea steeps, it expands into a full bloom – trust me, it’s absolutely gorgeous to witness. Often, blooming tea is used as a decoration due to the aesthetically pleasing nature of it.

While flower tea is tea made of flowers, flowering tea is made from a dried flower that has had tea leaves wrapped around it. This makes the tea itself a standard tea, often caffeinated. This makes it stronger and more bitter than flower tea, which is known for being light and sweet. Originally, flowering tea didn’t exist to drink at all – it was just for aesthetic purposes – but it has since become a tea that is ingested as well as enjoyed visually.

Blooming teas and flowering teas are so unique, and are best steeped in a clear container where you can properly enjoy their beauty. After all, who doesn’t want to watch a flower unfold in the midst of afternoon tea?


I really can’t get enough of flower tea. I love the myriad of health benefits that it carries, and am thrilled to have a delicious beverage that I can enjoy guilt-free. I already find myself turning to it when different ailments come up, such as a rough night of sleep, a headache, or muscle aches. It’s the world’s tastiest medicine!

I also am having so much fun experimenting with different types of flower tea, and am excited to keep trying out new teas. I’m still trying to learn which teas I enjoy more hot versus which teas I prefer to drink iced, and I’m looking forward to settling on my favorites and discovering lots of fun tea recipes along the way.

Falling in love with flower tea makes me feel like throwing a garden party! Floral tea is such a lovely aesthetic, and an afternoon spent chatting with friends and sipping on light and sweet flower tea sounds pretty perfect to me. Maybe once spring comes around again, I’ll have to get my hostess on and throw a fun garden tea. When I do, I already know what I’m going to wear!


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