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Ever since we purchased our first home back in October, I have been working on little projects around the house to not only make it our own, but also upgrade it from the condition that we originally bought it. During the winter, I worked on things more on the inside than on the outside. And when we first purchased our house, the first thing we did prior to moving in any furniture was to give it a fresh paint job. Even though, I am still working on some projects inside of our house, along with beginning to plan for others both inside and outside, I am super excited to share this little mini-project of the front porch remodel that we did a few weeks ago.


Azalea Bushes | Walkway Lights | Edging Stones | Mulch | Dog Patch Grass Seed |
Planter Hanger | Wreath | Front Porch Mat

When we first purchased the house, the front porch was  not the most appealing. So I will admit that during our search, this house didn’t have the ‘curb appeal’ that many of the other houses that we looked at did. The inside of the house definitely made up for it, but when we finally put our name on the deed, I made it a point to let my husband know that come Spring, the whole front porch area would need to be redone.

Our front porch remodel project became more of a project after the rough winter. Between Charlie pup making the front yard his bathroom (which if you don’t know, the acidity of the urine kills the grass and makes dead grass patches) and the piles of snow that mounted up, our front lawn was a disaster.

The mulched areas were overtaken with weeds and the bushes in front of our window was this prickly little thing that was more for security than for an appealing front yard. I will accept the fact that the previous owners probably did not put too much effor into the front yard since most of their efforts is seen inside the house, but when it finally got down to it, I was a little disturbed about the quality that the front porch was left in. I mean, even the front porch mat was faded and destroyed.

We went straight to Home Depot for all of our needs. From mulch to the edging stone and all of the plants that we needed, we found it all at Home Depot. The only two items that are not from Home Depot are the wreath and our front porch mat which I purchased from AC Moore and Target.

I decided to line our small sidewalk with some gray edging stones and fill it it with mulch, and then I alternated the space with small plants and walkway lights. For the bushes in front of our window, I chose a midsize azalea that requires little sunlight and light watering. The bushes will get to about 4 feet by 4 feet once fully grown which means that they will end up reaching the window and covering all of our utility readers in the front of the house.

We are super happy with our front porch and though in this picture the grass just has seeds on it, the grass is actually coming in pretty nicely and the azalea bushes are beginning to sprout new branches and grow upwards and outwards. The grass is pretty much already filled in, and I don’t expect the bushes to be fully grown by the end of the summer, but at least I know that by next Spring, we will be fully ready.

And even more, now that we have a wreath hanger, I can change it up seasonally and give our front porch area a new look every few months. Come summer, you best bet that a new wreath will be hanging to bring in the summer style.

Front Porch Before

Garden Before Front Porch Of New House Sidewalk Before Home Depot Gardening Front Porch Hanging Basket Planted Azalea Spring Wreath Sidewalk Lights Lined SidewalkFront Porch Mat
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