A Fall Getaway to Livingston Manor, New York

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Livingston Manor New York Getaway

Every year, my family and I take a vacation to getaway and relax and spend time together. This past summer, we weren’t able to take our usual trip to somewhere where there’s a beach but my husband and I ended up doing a parent’s getaway earlier last year, and we wanted to still take a small low-key vacation this year as we gear up to travel to Turks and Caicos next year. So we decided that this year, for a Fall getaway, that we would go off grid and spend time together in a secluded, peaceful home. And fortunately, we were able to find the ideal location in Livingston Manor, New York.

We hadn’t originally planned to head into Livingston Manor, NY. Originally, we decided to head into New York and go into the Catskills mountains. A place that we had been before when we had decided that going to the Poconos in Pennsylvania was something that we had already done and we wanted to try something new.We ended up searching through Airbnb to find a place to stay that would fit our family and the things that we wanted to do. Each of us, though having similar interests, also had some individual wants from our trip that we wanted to make sure would be available for us during our stay.After an hour or so of searching, we stumbled across a very rare find that just fit everything we needed – The Zen House.

Livingston Manor New York Getaway


The Zen House in Livingston, NY offered us a stay that was more than we could imagine. At the home, you’ll find a game room with a ping-pong table, a home theatre that includes reclining chairs, a large projected screen, blankets, etc. (it’s basically set up like a movie theatre), a sauna, and a variety of home amenities that made the stay so, super comfortable. We didn’t really have a need to ever leave the property other than to run to the grocery store and pick up any small food and drink items that we didn’t want to purchase before arriving. And it was even more amazing how secluded the area was so that you felt that you were in your own getaway. The outdoor firepit made a night out hanging around the fire amazing. And the clear look at the night sky was a view that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I would highly recommend staying at the Zen House when you choose to visit Livingston Manor for your tranquil getaway.

And to give you a little look around of our stay, scroll through this post to see a little bit of the outdoor area that we spent time and a look at the sauna that not only has a sauna room, but also included a cold pool to dip yourself in after staying a little while in the heated sauna. We weren’t able to fully take advantage of it while we were there, but let’s just say, the shower that is also located in there had great heat and would make anyone feel good.

Livingston Manor Vacation


Though you are in a secluded area, there are still places to go and things to do in Livingston Manor. Below is a list of some of the top things to do in the area. All of the activities listed above are within a short driving distance (< 30 mins), but if you’re looking for some more to do and you don’t mind the drive, it is only about and hour drive to get to the city and there are plenty of other activities to do and big attractions that are all within a hour drive.

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