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Getting Ready For The Summer

Break out the popsicles and sunscreen, because summertime is here! I love watching the seasons shift, and jumping into summer is one of the most fun and electric times of year. It’s time for sunshine, long evenings, and lots of fun. It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to start getting ready for the summer season, but I can’t say that I’m mad about it. I’m ready for afternoons by the pool and plenty of beach days!

I’m a firm believer in keeping your home in tune with the seasons, and I’m excited to get my house summer ready. Unlike spring cleaning, transitioning your house to the summer season is far less intense. Think of it as less of an overhaul and more of a refresh, the perfect opportunity to step into the slower, easier days of summer in style. Ready to prep for the summertime? Keep reading for all of my summer home tips and tricks.


For most of us, summer is a time to spend time with family, enjoy a slower pace, and try to beat the heat any way that we can. It’s a season of less pressure and more fun, and your home should reflect that.

I’ve been in major nesting mode lately with Baby #2 on the way, so I’ve been itching to give my house a proper summer refresh. I’m all about tackling things early this year so that as we get closer to my due date, I can relax into the last stretch of pregnancy and feel like everything is set for when the baby comes.

That being said, here are the must-do tasks that I’m tackling as we head into the summertime as a soon-to-be mom of two who loves to keep her home stylish, fresh, and seasonal.

1. Swap Out Your Clothes

One of the first things that I do to properly summer prep my life is to swap out my clothes for the season. I don’t want to be digging past sweaters and thick pants to try to find my tank tops and sundresses on a daily basis. It’s time to make your closet and clothing storage methods functional for you in the summer season.

If you’re able to pack everything up out of the way, do it! The attic is your best friend when it comes to keeping out of season clothes out of the way. But if you don’t have the storage space to remove out of season clothes entirely from your space, swap things around. Move your winter clothes to the back of your closet and pull all of your summer things to the front for easy access. You can also use storage bins to tuck out of season pieces away, or swap bins around so that, for example, your swimsuit bin is right at the top where you can get to it easily. Pro tip: use velvet hangers for extra space!

Getting Ready For The Summer Windows

2. Open Up the Windows

It’s time to let your home breathe again. Once the weather finally warms up, I like to open up all of the windows in my house and let the air circulate. Not only does it refresh your space, but it improves the overall air quality of your home. While I air everything out, I like to go ahead and clean the windows so that they’re fresh and clear, letting all of that gorgeous summer sunlight in. Scrub the windowsill, dust off the blinds, and clean the curtains for a fresh, dust-free feel.

3. Fill Your Home With Summertime Scents

Now that you’ve let the fresh air in, it’s time to switch out your scents for the season. Say goodbye to winter and spring scents and say hello to summertime. Think coconut, citrus, sandalwood, fresh berry, pomegranate, and beyond. Whether you like to have candles lit everywhere or a diffuser is more your jam, seasonal scents will help you instantly feel in the summer spirit, even if you’re spending your days chasing after kids or typing away at your laptop on that WFH grind.


4. Switch Out Your Sheets

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely can’t sleep if I’m hot – which can be a major challenge in the summer, especially while pregnant. Having the right sheets is a must for the summer season, so say goodbye to your heavy sheets and think about thin, breathable options like linen. It also might be time to pack the comforter up for the season and opt for something light and thin to keep your bed looking nice without overheating you.


5. Get Your AC System Ready

Speaking of overheating – don’t wait until it’s too late to be sure that your cooling system is working properly for the season. The brutally hot days tend to pop up out of nowhere, and you want to make sure that you’re ready. Install your window units with time to spare, or if you have central air, be sure to check it before those 90 degree days hit as you’re getting ready for the summer. Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did.

6. Prep Your Fans

The other key to keeping cool in the summertime? Your fans. I have fans running all summer long, so I always like to make sure to dust them off and vacuum at the start of the season. My husband and son really struggle with allergies, so taking that step in advance is crucial for them. If you have portable fans throughout your home, be sure to get them out early and make sure that they’re still in working order – you don’t want to be fighting the crowds for the last fan at the store when a heat wave hits. And if you use overhead fans, make sure that they’re spinning counterclockwise to properly distribute the cool air.


7. Swap Out Your Beauty Products

Your skin changes with the seasons – your skincare products and makeup should, too. In the summertime, you generally don’t need as intense or heavy products. Instead, you’ll probably favor lighter products that have plenty of SPF. You may also need to wear darker shades if you spend a lot of time in the sun and develop a tan. Toss out anything that’s expired or dried up over the past season, and make sure that your most-used summer products are easily in reach.


8. Clean Your Patio and Outdoor Furniture

It’s time to get outdoors, and the transition to summer is the time to get your outdoor space ready for the season. Spray down or wipe your patio and outdoor furniture from dirt, dried up pollen, and outdoor grime, and give your grill a good cleaning while you’re at it. Once your outdoor space has been reset, you can easily pop outside for an afternoon of reading or alfresco dinner and drinks.


9. Switch Out Throw Blankets and Pillows

Like with your bedding, you don’t want your couch or living space to be covered with throw blankets and pillows that are heavy or stifling. I do like to still keep throws around during the summer season, but I make sure that they are lightweight and not too hot. I also like to switch things out to make sure that everything is within a summer color palette instead of a cool-weather color palette – it’s time to make your home feel summery!


10. Plan for Mosquito Season

One of my least favorite parts of summer? The mosquitoes, hands down. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you can’t spend time outside because you’ll be eaten alive. It’s never a bad idea to have your yard sprayed for insects to keep the pests away, and be sure to have bug repellants and citronella candles within reach at all times so that you don’t have to deal with pesky bugs.


11. Organize Your Shoes

No one needs all of their boots laying around during the summertime. Reorganize your shoe storage so that your cold weather shoes and boots are out of the way and sandals, flip-flops, and summer sneakers can be easily accessed. It will make those last few moments before you head out the door a breeze – no more digging around for that stray sandal!

Getting Ready For The Summer Fridge

12. Clean Out the Fridge and Freezer

I’ll be honest – I’ve been spending a lot of time lately making sure that my fridge and freezer are organized and stocked up with my little one soon to arrive. However, it’s always a good idea to do a fridge and freezer reset at the beginning of the season. I do a lot of meal prepping in the summer so that I have stress-free meals, and I also buy a lot more produce during the warm weather months as there are so many delicious options available. Produce can take up a lot of space, so I want to make sure that my fridge is prepped and ready. I also like to make lots of frozen snacks to share, like popsicles or smoothie prep bags, so I’ll often start getting those ready at the beginning of the season. And you always want to have lots of ice on hand!


13. Spruce up your Decor

Summertime deserves a decor refresh. Whether that means incorporating fresh flowers throughout your home, replacing the centerpieces with bright bowls of fruit, snagging new placemats and rugs, or updating your wall art, making your home bright and inviting will help you get in the mood for the summertime. Plus, I just love getting to create a space that feels like home.


14. Get Out the Pool Toys

If you have little ones, summer means lots of pool toys and outdoor games. At the beginning of the season, I like to pull everything out and make sure that it’s still in good shape – that the beach balls and inflatables don’t have holes, that games still have all of their pieces, and that nothing needs to be wiped off or rinsed from last season.


15. Prep Your Beach Bag

Summer is the season for spontaneity. You don’t want to feel rushed heading out for last-minute plans or have to scramble to find everything that you need. Toss all of the summer basics in a bag as you’re getting ready for the summer – sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, cash, a snack that won’t melt in the sun, etc. – and have it ready by the door so you can grab it and hit the road, no matter where the day may take you.



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