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Holiday Gifts For Him

One of the hardest feats around the holiday season is shopping for the men. They can be quite difficult when it comes to picking out gifts for them – just about as difficult as picking out gifts for toddlers. They are hard to get gifts for because you can’t always determine what to surprise them with and when you ask them what they would like for Christmas, they may either tell you they don’t want anything, tell you they want something simple like socks or a scarf, or tell you they want something outrageous that you wouldn’t really consider getting even though you may think about it a few times.

Getting gifts for him is hard. For me, I end up getting the gifts for the men in my life last because it just takes so much effort to get them something that they’ll like, use and enjoy. Before I was married, I had the hardest time figuring out gifts for my father since he never really wanted anything other than new socks. And now that I am married, I struggle both with getting gifts for my father and for my husband. But one great saving grace is that there are so many great gifts for men out there and new things that they can have that sometimes you just have to dig really far into their interests, pay attention to what they have or don’t have, stop them from buying things for themselves around the holiday season, and then find the perfect gift.

I will admit that each year I still save the men until last, but it’s not because I can’t figure out what to get them. I typically save them for last because I like taking the time to see what they need and ask questions about what they are really into if I don’t know already. For example, if your the man in your life is really into video games, you can ask questions about if there are any new games coming out soon. If there is, pre-order the game for them or get him a gift card to order the game virtually for when it comes out. Or maybe, if the man your getting a gift for is like my husband, he may have a trip coming up that he still needs travel things for like a duffle bag, neck pillow, passport holder, or new wallet.

In my opinion, when you’re shopping for gifts for him, new, practical and useful is a great way to way. I used to get gifts that were flashy and new and ones that I thought were so cool, but they ended up sitting on a shelf and not being used and that is no good.

So to help kick you off with shopping gifts for the men in your life, I’ve rounded up a great collection of gifts that you can give any man in you life this holiday season. Off you go shopping and let me know what you’ve snagged in the comments below.

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