Holiday Gifts for the Traveller in Your Life

Traveller Gift Guide

We all have that avid traveller in our lives. In my family, it’s me. But I also have a lot of friends who love to travel, and often say they wish they could just ask for a trip for the holidays. Gifting a whole trip is not something that happens very often because of the expense. But just because we can’t gift the actual trip, doesn’t mean that we can’t gift the accessories and necessities to make the trip a success. Believe me, if the flight isn’t comfortable or if packing becomes too hard, the whole trip can be ruined before even reaching the destination.

In this gift guide, there are some essential pieces that every traveller will love. The Herschel Duffel Bag is already on my wish list for this year because of its durability and the fact that duffel bags are great carry ons. And then the AllBirds sneakers are a clutch pair of comfortable shoes to have for walking around the airport and comfortably walking around to get to your final destination. No one likes to have sore feet at the start of the trip. Additionally, that mini-cocktail kit may just be the boost you need to get through those long international flights for any friends or family that you know are heading to an international location. Believe me, 12-13 hour flights are somewhat comfortable. But by the time that 6th hour hits, anyone is ready for a break. So that little cocktail, may just be the boost that gets your traveller through the rest of that flight.

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