2022 Holiday Gift Guides | Gifts Under $50

Holiday Gifts Under 50

Shopping season for the holidays is swift and underway and we are all looking for those perfect gifts to give to our friends, family and loved ones this holiday season. But there is also that notion of a budget that many of us are trying to stick to when it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for the season. Many of us may have found ourselves in the situation when we went out and bought gifts for all of those on our holiday lists and then ended up a little short on funds after the holiday season. I will admit that I have found myself in that situation way to many times and over the years I have set budgets on what I am willing to spend on everyone and still giving me enough wiggle room to splurge on gifts for loved ones if required and not ending up in the negative.

Even more, during the holiday season, many of us find ourselves attending holiday parties with friends or at work where there is a Secret Santa or White Elephant involved and there are gifts within a certain budget that you have to get for someone you really don’t know what gift to give them. That’s where gifts under $50 come in very helpful. In more cases than none, I am often shopping for gifts for friends and family that are under $50 or gifts under $100. And for those holiday celebrations at work, the budget is usually around $50 so round ups of gifts within that price point are super helpful – especially if you’re a person who often doesn’t like to give cash or gift cards.

But don’t let me turn you away from this round up of gifts and say that these gift guides for gifts under $50 are only for friends or for getting gifts for holiday parties. These gifts can also be gifts given to your significant other, your children, parents, siblings, etc. and they are also great gifts to give as stocking stuffers. Many of the gifts within this price point are actually gifts you wouldn’t even realize are this affordable. For example, you can give someone an Amazon Echo Dot for under $50. It’ll be a gift that they’ll love too because they are so helpful for making your home into a smart home.

Being someone that usually stays within a certain budget, I often find myself shopping gifts under $50 that can be extra gifts to give when I have a little money left or when I am looking to give lots and lots of gifts at a safe price point. And as our family has grown and I’ve gained nieces, nephews, and in-laws, it’s great being able to shop gifts at this price point as the list of people to give gifts to has grown.

So as you gather up your gifts during this holidays season to give Christmas gifts to the ones you love, use this gift guide for gifts under $50 as a starting point. Whether shopping online or in-store, you’ll find gifts that everyone will love.

Holiday Gift Guides TO SHOP GIFTS UNDER $50



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