How to Reach and Surpass Your Goals

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We all start the new year in different ways. Some of us head right back to work while others try to spend those last few days after the holidays lounging on the couch trying to recover. But one thing that mostly all of us do when the new year comes is we set goals that we want to reach. Those goals may be focused on health whether it be mind or body, and some just set goals to try something new or even travel. But whatever those goals may be, there are ways to get to those goals without tons of stress. Each year I set goals for myself, and this year, I set one of my goals to have a healthier lifestyle without spending tons of time in the gym. And as I set that goal with all the rest of them, I also established the ways that I am going to move forward in not only achieving those goals but going beyond.




The most important thing in meeting your goals is to prioritize and keep track of what you’re doing. Every year, I get my Erin Condren planner and I plan out the first 3-4 months of the year with family time. I write in date night weekends and make sure to note what weekends are off-limits for the family dinners and gatherings that my immediate family has. Now, since I am mom, I also have scheduled activities that I’m going to be doing with my son such as the Mommy & Me swim class that I am planning to start with him in the next month or so.

After that, I write my monthly goals at the start of each month and make sure that I cut out time to work on parts of my goal. For example, if you’re getting into fitness. Each month, pick a day that you’re going to the gym and write it down. Then go. Don’t schedule anything at least an hour before or after so that you aren’t rushing. If your goal is to try new things. Each month, pick a day that you’ll try something new and do it.


Make sure to stay up to date on things that will help you to reach your goal. Again, if you’re planning on getting fit this year, sign up for something such as Classpass that will allow you to try new things and will update you on when a new class becomes available.

Maybe your goal is to give back more. Keep checking in on what’s going on in the world or volunteer opportunities. I have a goal to give back and so I keep connected with local charities in my area – especially ones that let me work with animals.


Don’t let other things distract you. I know, things come up. Life happens. But you have to make sure to stay focused and not to let yourself fall into making excuses.

I was one that let myself continually make excuses which led me to stray further and further away from my goals. When the end of the year came, my goals weren’t met and I felt disappointed in myself. And nobody likes that feeling.

If you don’t trust yourself to keep yourself focused, join an accountability group. There are plenty on Facebook if you just search. Additionally, if you have friends or family that are setting goals, make them your accountability person.


You don’t want to get to a point where you become obsessive over your goals. Obsessing takes away the positive feeling that you get when you actually reach your goals.

So every once and a while, take a break. Make sure you’re also doing things that you thoroughly enjoy. Things that can relax you. Head out with friends. Spend a night binge-watching a Netflix show. Treat yourself to a massage. Or, like me, sit on the floor and play with your baby for hours. Anything to take your mind off of things you think you must be doing right at the moment. You’ll get back to it – that is what your planner is for. It will remind you to get back on track at the right time.

Revolve Tularosa Tilly Top
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Tularosa Tilly Top In Lemon
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