Influencer Tips: What You Need to Know About Google Webstories

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If you own a website or a blog and you’re looking for ways to increase pageviews and monetize your blog in an additional way, then Google Webstories is for you. You may be thinking… oh no not another platform to create content. Between writing blog posts, creating content for Instagram, creating content for YouTube, for Pinterest, for TikTok, it can feel so overwhelming and no one really wants to add another channel if they don’t have to.

There’s a huge reason why bloggers and content creators shouldn’t sleep on Google web stories. One of the biggest things is you can reach a new audience. Popular webstories are often found in Google Discover or Google search results. So because it’s a Google product, Google is prioritizing those and they’re putting them on this Google Discover platform, which a lot of people are on and use specifically for that and for Google search results.

This episode breaks down the benefits of Google Webstories and how it can help you grow in pageviews and in revenue. 

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