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My husband is one of those men that just goes with the flow. If I make a reservation to go to a new restaurant or if I make plans with our friends for some kind of activity, he just agrees and goes. This is something that I have found is pretty consistent with a lot of men. As long as those around them are happy, they are happy. My husband even goes as far as sitting there and watching the crazy reality TV shows that I watch even though he would rather be anywhere else doing something completely different. I try my best to find fun ideas for my husband and I to do together that we both enjoy, and for Valentine’s Day, I try to find some guy-approved date ideas so that he doesn’t feel as if it is just another date that is all about me. One of his ideas for this Valentine’s Day has been to go into the city for a date, but there are some other guy-approved date ideas that he threw my way to consider.


“Dinner + Movie or Anywhere with Food”

Yep, he’s just worried about the food. Doesn’t matter where we go, as long as there is food. And if there’s a good movie out, why not go see it? If anyone hasn’t noticed, around Valentine’s Day, there are romance movies and new action movies that are conveniently released around the same time. So either, you’ll head to the movies because the romance movie lover is taking control, or if your man happened to plan the date, it gives him the option to pull you both into the movie theatre. Date Tip: Have one person choose where you’ll eat and the other person chooses the movie. Or you, if you have a movie theatre that serves food, whoever didn’t choose the movie gets to choose the shared dessert!

“Dave & Buster’s”

Everyone jokes that Dave & Buster’s is for the bros. It’s really not. I, personally, think it is fun for everyone. You can head there for some good food and some fun drinks – including some innovative shots if you’re into that kind of stuff. Then get a little competitive and play those games that require you to go up against each other. Every once and a while, my husband likes us to play the collaborative games, but I’m more one that likes to play basketball and racing to prove that I’m a force to be reckoned with. The fun competition is a great way to bond while out for Valentine’s Day. Date Tip: Make sure to get the food and play package and come later in the evening. This way, you’re less likely to run into the families with children if your a couple going sans-child. But if you are bringing your children along, you can make it a family Valentine’s Day and head to this family-friendly place.

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My husband for some reason is addicted to bowling. I wasn’t so much a bowler until we started dating, and I actually began to find it fun because he found it so fun. Though the suggestion here is bowling, let’s not focus solely on that activity itself. Try an activity that your significant other likes, that you never really found interest in it and let them lead the date. You may start to find the entire experience so enjoyable because your SO gets so into it. When my husband started taking me on bowling dates, it was fun to let him teach me the tricks that he used – which he thought were the best ever, but not really – and by seeing his passion, we were able to bond on a different level. Date Tip: If you choose to specifically bowl, make a little wager about who is going to come out on top. The person that loses buys a round of drinks or has to wash the dishes for the next month.

“Stay In and Hang”

I’m a big advocate for staying in and binge-watching some Netflix movies. For Valentine’s Day, you may even convince your man to watch some romance movies on Netflix instead of watching another action movie that he happened to rent from Redbox. Even if romance movies are not either one of your things, there are plenty of movies to watch. Or better yet, binge-watch a new TV series together. The ones that are Netflix originals are super addictive. I recommend the Circle – it’s one that you may not find super interesting at first, but then it grows on you and then you get so into it and begin to research how you can apply to be on next season. Date Tip: Try a new popcorn recipe to spice up the night. There are so many fun popcorn recipes on Pinterest, and by making a little late-night, movie-watching snack together, you’ll kick your date off to a perfect start.

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“Sports Game”

I’ve never really had a favorite team until I married my husband. I typically just gravitate to sports and watch them as a bonding experience. When I was younger, I bonded over sports with my dad, and now that I am married, I bond over sports with my husband. Valentine’s Day typically falls during the basketball season, but there are plenty of other sports teams that are still in season. Surprise your significant other to a sports outing, even if it’s not to the big game. By just being out and watching sports, they’ll enjoy the tickets you got them and the time that they are getting to spend with you being a live game that you “splurged” for. Date Tip: If you can’t quite find tickets to the game, see what local bars are close to the stadium. You can typically get into those before the BIG crowd. Watch the game on the screen and listen to the noise from the stadium which can still make you feel as if you are actually there.

“Grab Some Drinks or Go Out In the City”

Going out in the city can be super fun for Valentine’s Day. There are so many great innovative bars with specialty drinks. We, often, like to bar hop, or if it is way too cold, we will find a new bar that we haven’t tried before and go through the drink menu. Each round, we will order a different drink and we will try each other’s. I always like finding those bars that have a special element to them, like a speakeasy or one that focuses on making drinks as if they are potions. Date Tip: For each round, order drinks for each other instead of picking them out yourselves. It would be fun to either get your significant other to acquire a taste for a drink they didn’t think they would like or testing out how well you know each other’s taste preferences.

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