Hallmark: Make the Holidays Mean Something



I will admit that I have been the person that instead of sending nice cards and wishing someone a meaningful ‘Happy Holdiays’, posts a picture or a quick note on a Facebook wall or Twitter. Recently, I have been thinking, what did everyone do before social media existed. Now before you jump down my throat, I am not writing off social media – it is something great and I use it to my advantage. But using ONLY social media has taken something out of how special the holidays are.

When I receive a card in the mail, I feel special. It makes me realize that this person took time out of their day and sent me a card because they were thinking of me. That person didn’t just open up Facebook and happened to see something that I recently posted and decided to write on my wall. Instead, this person planned days ahead and sat down and wrote me a meaningful note and sent it in the mail.

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I enjoy little gifts like that. It’s not that the card came with money or a gift card (which many times it does not), it is just the gift of caring a little extra to make someone feel special. And you have to admit, that you actually feel special every time that you open your mailbox and there is something in there for you besides junk mail.

So in the spirit of the holiday, this year, I am sending cards to those special friends and family members in my life that I see often or don’t see at all, but stay in touch with. And honestly, I love the cards that I have picked out! I took a quick visit to Hallmark Gold Crown and found the holiday card box set that says exactly what I am feeling this holiday season.

Hallmark Cards Hallmark Holiday

I often go into Hallmark stores to find cards, because to be truthful, they have the best selections. I don’t remember one time that I have gone into Hallmark and not found a card that matches exactly what I want to say to a certain person or group of people. Check out my cards below and the cute notes that I wrote to a few of my friends.

Also make sure to check out my video as I talk about gift giving on a college/student budget and how to send a meaningful card to the people who are special in your life!

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