Holiday Family Pajamas + Baby’s First Christmas

Holiday Family Pajamas

Holiday Family Pajamas

This Christmas is such a special one for us because this past year has been such a whirlwind. This time last year, I had just found out that I was carrying my little nugget, and now this year, we get to celebrate his first Christmas with him. We have already wrapped his presents, and though he’s only about four months, I am still excited to get to watch him try to grab at the wrapping paper and look at his new toys in awe as they sing to him and light up. I spent some time going through infant and toddler toys to pick out the gifts he can play with right now and the ones that he can grow into.



To celebrate this special holiday season, my family is doing so many great things.

First, my husband and I decided that since Carter was going to be wearing his ‘My First Christmas’ pajamas, we were going to coordinate with him for the holidays. I decided not to go with the exact matching outfits, because I am one for individual style. My husband has a more laid back style while I like to be stylish but still comfortable. So, I found pajamas that ch all read that showed off our individual styles.

Then, for this Christmas, my siblings and I will be coming back to our childhood home with our families on Christmas Eve to stay over my parent’s house that night and all wake up on Christmas morning together. The night before, we are planning to watch home videos, bake cookies with the kids, and wrap the gifts once the kiddies go to bed. And something even more special, we all decided to coordinate pajamas with our own individual households and will be taking a whole family holiday pajamas picture together. On Christmas morning, we’ll be getting up and my mom, sister and I will be making dinner together. This is something new we are doing and something special that I hope we can repeat again in the future.

My sister got her family pajamas by going to Carter’s and finding family pajamas that she matched with my nephew, who is four. And I was able to snag most of the pajamas for my husband, mom, dad, and brother from Old Navy while getting my pajamas from Pretty Little Thing (similar on Amazon) and my little nugget’s pajamas from Pottery Barn Kids.

Next year, I’m hoping to spruce up the house a little bit more and put up lights and more holiday decor when my nugget is aware. But for now, since we will be spending this Christmas at my parents, I’m just going to enjoy the work that my mom is doing at our home and I’ll be jotting down this year’s Christmas in my new Christmas journal from Write to Me.

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Christmas Family Pajamas Baby First Christmas Baby First Christmas Pajamas
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