2021 Holiday Outfits to Style This Season

sequins for the holidays

The holiday season brings along a lot of different festivities. From work parties, to community events, to holiday parties hosted at everyone’s houses – maybe including your own. I know right now that my calendar is quickly filling up with parties and also outdoor Christmas festivities that we want to attend. With your holiday social calendar filling up quickly, you’re probably looking to make sure you have the right holiday outfits fit for each and every event.

When it comes to holiday outfits, you’ll want to set yourself up for quite a collection as the events typically start right after Thanksgiving, if not before, and lead you into the new year. Each occasion may have a different dress code or look that you want to wear to stocking up early to make sure your ready is key. And with the outside being chilly, but often times, the inside being warm and sometimes hot, you’ll want outfits that you’ll looking amazing in while also staying comfortable. For awhile now, I’ve been looking at various style trends for the holidays and one of the bigger ones are the sequin pants. But you may not be into them or you may not have an occasion that fit that particular style – no worries, there are plenty of holiday styles to choose from.

Some of us don’t often like shopping outfits for the holiday season out of the fear that we will get pieces that you can only wear one time of the year, but with so many trends lasting all year, the holiday season brings outfits that you’ll be able to style with a festive look during Christmas, but also wear throughout the year with different looks. What I like to do is also find outfits that I feel like I could wear for other big occasions such as dresses that would also make great wedding guest dresses.

Each year, I like to get Christmas outfits for each type of occasion that I may be attending. From the festive plaid maxi dress for the White Elephant party at my friend’s house all the way to the family holiday pajamas that I’ll be wearing with my family Christmas Eve and morning, holiday outfits are plentiful and set for all of the occasions that you’ll need them for. All you have to do is take the time and look and allocate some of your gift budget to get yourself some great looks this season.

As you begin thinking about your holiday outfits for this season, I’ve put together some holiday looks and inspiration roundups to make shopping for your outfits easier this Christmas season.


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