A Chic Luxurious Style That Makes You Holiday Party Ready

simone dress in red

simone dress in red

The holiday season is here. It was inevitably going to arrive, and even though we haven’t gotten through Thanksgiving yet, we need to make sure we are prepared for what the holiday season is about to bring. And one thing that we know the holiday season always brings in the holiday parties. Whether they are work parties, parties with friends, or those big ticketed city events that just look so luxurious that you have to go to, finding the perfect outfit is a big thing. Fortunately, this year, there are so many brands/stores that are featuring amazing holiday looks, and I’m kicking off the LivingLesh holiday style series with a look from Revolve.


lovers and friends revolve dress

holiday dress revolve
lovers and friends red dress
holiday dress lovers and friends

When it comes to the holidays, one of my favorite staples is velvet. Not only does it give an luxury look to your personal style, but is also adds a layer of warmth during the cold weather season.

In dressing for the holidays, you want to make sure that you are dressing for the occasion and the weather, and if you’re one living in the northern states, then staying warm is highlight important. Yes, you will be inside for the party, but you still have to take yourself into the car and travel to the location. And no one likes the feeling of leaving a fabulous party and walking outside and immediately feeling cold.

This Lovers + Friends dress from Revolve is a perfect holiday outfit for the cocktail holiday party at work, in the city, or with friends. It provides the layers that you need for the cold weather, while also being form fitting and flattering. I love the hemline of the dress because it allows me to pair it with a set of tights.

Embellished tights are a big thing right now and fashion, and to change this look up, I could put on the embellished tights with some booties for when it is Winter Wonderland outside. Or, like with this outfit, when it is slightly warmer, or warmer at the location, I can wear it with these embellished RAYE heels.

With holiday style, it is about celebrating the holiday season as well. Which is why the deep red hue is perfect for a holiday cocktail settings. The red highlights the color palette of the holiday season, and the darker hue makes it perfect for a cocktail atmosphere – which is typically of darker colors.

There are so many looks to come for the holiday season, so I hope you keep up with the holiday style series that I’ll be running all season long. You’ll see holiday party looks as well as perfect holiday PJs that are fit for the season.

What holiday styles are you look for some tips on this season? Or are there any holiday looks from the past that you have absolutely adored? Let me know in the comments!

holiday party dress
revolve lovers and friends holiday
lovers and friends simone dress
revolve simone dress in red


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