What I’m Packing in My Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery

Labor And Delivery Hospital Bag Scaled

As this week marks my 37th week of pregnancy, our OB let us know that we should be prepared for Baby V to come at any time. We are expecting that he waits until at least next week before he comes, but according to the doctor my recent exam and ultrasound showed him face down and my cervix is shortening. No dilation yet, but I am feeling small contractions and the monitor is picking them up. I’m trying to prepare by having my maternity bags for hospital checklist ready.

I have made sure to have my bags packed and ready to go, as well as to solidify a plan for if I go into labor while my husband is at work (he’s trying to save his days for when Baby V is here instead of just taking off on our “waiting” days). Having a plan keeps me calm and free from extra anxiety while I wait. All of my close family and friends know what days they are my #1 go to to call for the hospital, but I’m hoping that my labor starts on the weekend or when my husband is home from work.

Labor And Delivery Hospital Bag

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Hospital Bag Packing List
Maternity Hospital Bag

We have our hospital bags packed and ready by the door. The car seat is installed in the car, and his nursery is pretty much finished – I’ll be sharing the reveal sometime in the next upcoming weeks. I’m so excited to share everything with you. It has been an incredibly busy but sweet season, and I’m looking forward to showing you all that we have been up to.

When making my list for what I needed to pack in my hospital bag, the first thing I did (which I HIGHLY recommend everyone do when preparing their maternity bags for hospital checklist) was check with my hospital to see what they provide during the stay so that we know what we definitely NEED to bring and what we could do without. Many times, I’ve heard how some women have packed suitcases of things and then didn’t even end up touching the majority of it because the hospital had so many freebies and it was better just to save the ones that were bought for when you get home. Because I’m sure the last thing that any new mom wants to be doing is running out to the store to get postpartum essentials that were used at the hospital that didn’t need to be used.

Your hospital will be prepared in ways you might not expect, so be sure to check in! The peace of mind that it gives you to know what to expect ahead of time is immense.

After checking with my hospital and talking with some other moms who recently gave birth, I finally put together my hospital bag and here’s what’s in it. I included things that I am bringing for myself, my baby, and my husband!

Maternity Clothing
Wear Lively Nursing Bralette
Nursing Bralette

For Mom

Weekender Bagno need to bring a whole suitcase for a max 2 day stay

Robeeasy to wear while breastfeeding with the ability to quickly cover up when visitors come to the room

Going Home Outfitjust one for when it’s time to go home

Sandals | for those who don’t want socks – easy to slip on when going for walks

Nursing Bras (Full Support / Bralette) |  I am bringing bralettes for more comfort

Tucks / Depends | the hospital does provide these but I have heard mix reviews on their comfort

Maternity Underwearmostly for when getting ready to leave

Nursing Friendly PJsfor when you’re ready to walk around outside of your room

Belly WrapI’ve heard the earlier you put this on the better – I’m planning on putting it on the day we leave 

Portable Chargerto keep phone charged – though you hope many people would just call your partner, you’ll be getting a lot of texts asking to visit

Cosmetic Bagthis is up to your preference, I am bringing a small one just for touch ups for photos and visitors 

Large Water Bottletypically the hospital gives you a cup and a pitcher but if you don’t want to keep refilling constantly 

Brush/Comb | to keep your hair fresh

Toiletries | mostly deodorant, soap, sprays, etc. 

Secondary Bag | for dirty clothes

Things That I Didn’t Need Because My Hospital Provided Them

Prenatal Vitaminsthe nurses told us this was a silly thing to bring – it’s a hospital, they have any and all medications and vitamins

Breast Pump | the breast pump that my OB recommended is the same one that the hospital uses 

Toothbrush & Toothpaste | they have small travel sizes

Momwasher | they provide this and also let you take one home

Dermoplast/Perineal Spray | they help you use this during your stay and then give you some to take home 

Socks | they have those big one-size socks

Blowdryermy hospital actually has this already in the bathroom of the labor and postpartum rooms

Hospital Skincare
Nursing Bra For Delivery

For Baby

Home-going Outfitmost of the time baby will be swaddled by the hospital blankets, so the nurses say there’s no need for an outfit since they’ll just keep having to take it off

Receiving Blanketthe hospital has plenty, but we are bringing one so that we can take it home to our dog to get him used to the baby’s scent

Burp Clothhospital said that we can bring one even though they have experienced most mom’s not use them and just use the cloths that the hospital provides

Boppy PillowI’ve heard this is great to use for sitting up and feeding and also for when visitors want to hold the baby 

Things That I Didn’t Need Because My Hospital Provided Them

Diapers | they have plenty and even say they send you home with some 

Swaddles | they have the generic white, blue and pink one that they swaddle baby in consistently 

Blankets | they have the blankets and swaddles 

Socks/Mittens | the hospital has little mittens but the nurses have said that they are barely ever used

Baby Going Home Outfit

For Dad

Towels | the hospitals provide towels but when we were there before, my husband didn’t like their size

Snacks | especially for early labor – my husband likes to snack and I don’t think I will be happy if he just keeps leaving the room

Headphones | just in case he wants to listen to his own music or play games on his phone while we wait

Pillow | the pillows at the hospital are usually flat, so best to bring an extra for a little fluff

Camerato take pictures of the newborn to remember the first memories and to send quick photos to family members

Charger | suggested to bring an extended one because the outlets are not in convenient places

2 Sets of Clothes | max time at the hospital is 2 day for a vaginal delivery 

Toiletries | bring deodorant, soap, etc. 

Pajamas |  something comfy and warm to sleep in since the hospital is cold

Sweatshirt | hospitals are typically freezing

Backpack | to bring all of his things since some of his stuff will be in my bag

Carseatneeded for when we are leaving – nurses recommend to bring it up to the room and put baby in so that when you get to the car you can just click it into the base 

Postpartum Belly Wrap

This is what we have packed and ready to go. I’ll definitely come back and update this post after my delivery with everything that we used, didn’t use, or wish that we would have had on our maternity bags for hospital checklist. I would love to hear what you packed and didn’t pack but wish you had during your hospital stay!


If you are feeling stressed with your due date fast approaching or are not able to do much aside from rest due to your health or medical complications with your pregnancy, using a pre-packed bag can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Instead of worrying about whether or not you’ve forgotten anything, you have your bag ready to go without a second thought.

Curious about pre-packed bags? Check out my thoughts below!

Packed Hospital Bag

Your mind is spinning with baby name ideas and birth plans – you don’t need to stress over whether or not you’ve forgotten something that you need. My maternity bags for hospital checklist will help you adequately prepare for your hospital stay and ensure that you have everything that you need. Be sure to check with your hospital – they may provide several of the things on the list (mine did!). However, I’ve included everything that you could need so that you’re sure to think through every possible option to pack. 

Hopefully this packing checklist will help you feel confident as you head into this exciting time with your family! It’s always better to prepare in advance so that when you do go into labor, you have zero concerns about being ready. You can just grab your bag and go! Be sure to download my checklist and let me know if there is anything else that you would have added to the list. I’m always a fan of hearing the best mom secrets!



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